Amber Stone

Magical Amber is a protective stone

When the resin of certain coniferous trees became fossilized over many millions of years, it created a hard substance known as amber.

Amber can vary in color from the palest yellow to a deep dark red or brown to nearly black. Amber is an extremely popular material for jewelry and is prized in the making of protective talismans. Because of its color, warmth and electrical properties, amber has long been considered magical. It is said to increase physical vitality and draw disease from the body and amber amulets are often used to ward off ghosts or malevolent spirits. It is a symbol of solar, spiritual and divine attention as well as one of courage and fertility.

In most instances, it was thought to hold magical powers, for example it was believed that by putting amber on a women's body - would make a lady smell nice and thus attractive to anyone who had intentions of wooing her. It was also believed to protect one against witchcraft, deafness, nightmares, indigestion and was thought to bring understanding and compassion. It was also believed to hold magical powers that would protect one against the loss of teeth and heal a cough.

It was believed that if a woman wanted to conceive then it would only happen if she wore a belt with stones of amber around her waist. It was also believed that to see an animal trapped inside amber resin was a positive sign of God's protection. In facilitating pregnancy and successful consumption in women. It was believed in ancient times that providing a gift of amber is a positive sign. To see a fish, frog or rabbit made out of amber could lead to one bearing healthy and more offspring.

An amber stone worn in a purse, as a necklace or the pocket of a person is a clear sign and belief that it would lead to good luck. In addition to its good luck charm powers, it was commonly believed that an amber would draw out negative energy in ones body, and thus lead to healing. This will result in new found energy that was presumed to purify the soul, body and spirit. Moreover, the stones were used to aid one in decision making, whereby it was believed that in an instance one was facing tough decisions, he or she could hold it in their hands and then place the hand close to the heart and as a result, a decision could be easily reached.

People were thought to be having dreams and ambitions that would make their lives better, as a result it was common among people that by sleeping near to amber stones, one's future would end up being brighter as they were believed to have powers that would help in making the right choices. In Egypt, during the ancient times, an amber was used in burial and especially in tombs where it was believed that placing an amber in one's tomb after death would lead to preserving and protection during the life after death. It was also believed that if someone had a headache preparing a glass of warm water gift of amber would help them get well since it had healing powers.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012