Aloe superstition

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Most of us are familiar with the healing properties of Aloe.

We know that it is made into a soothing cream for burns and dry, chapped skin. The Aloe plant is actually quite bitter and has frequently been associated, symbolically, with suffering and remorse. Aloe, Myrrh, and Cassia are referred to as the Bride’s Anointing Oil and the Bible’s book of Psalm’s mentions robes perfumed by aloe, myrrh and cassia. It has been suggested that Christ’s body was embalmed with this mixture; however, it is important to note that the word ‘embalmed’ is probably not analogous to our modern definition.

In most of the beliefs related to the Aloe plant, it is connected to the waters and the moon. In most of the African traditions and beliefs, it was thought that hanging the plant on one's door could bring good luck and protect those that lived in that house against evil powers. On the other hand, aloe plants could be planted in a kitchen to protect from accidents against fire as well as heat. In the event where one expected to be promoted, it was thought, by planting an aloe in a pot at one’s workplace could ultimately lead to promotion.

In reference to Cleopatra, she used the plant in preserving and maintaining her beauty. This plant was also used by the wife of Napoleon. The plant has been known to subdue burns and wounds as it was thought to have magical powers that could bring healing to whoever used it for medical purposes. In some traditions of China, it was believed that hanging an aloe plant upside down at the main entrance of the home would bring good luck in the line of acquiring more financial wealth to the occupants.

In one of the regions in China, it was believed that the aloe plant had a lot of superstitious powers especially when it was planted at the front entrance to the place of work in a red pot whereby it was thought to symbolize and bring good luck and prevent against bad luck. The plant is bitter in taste and requires protection against frost since in most instances the plant is only affected by lower temperatures just like the cacti plants and family. From a magical perspective, the Aloe vera generally protects one's health especially a few jobs of oil placed in a mojo bag.

Medical uses of Aloe Vera

Aloes are mostly used for medicinal purposes. While still fresh, the herb can be used to relieve pain from bodily burns. However, one can also choose to dry the herb and use it in its powdered form to check bleeding and contract tissues or blood vessels. The herb is also one of the best-known purgatives known to modern medicine, where it takes effect on the large intestines in 18 hours in the latest. These purgatives are made from the leaves of the Aloe plant.

Magical uses of Aloe Vera

Bitter aloes are also said to be useful in stopping evil talk – a condition wherein someone says foul things about another person, be it truthful or not. To do this, you will have to gain access to a cemetery. While there, light a black candle. Under the light of its flame, write the name of the person you are trying to stop on a piece of paper three times. Burn this piece of paper in the candle’s flame. Collect the ashes, and pour them in a bottle that contains a mixture of bitter aloes powder. Include devil’s dung powder and a few pinches of red pepper powder. Mix a spoonful of alum powder and vinegar within this mixture. Seal this bottle with the wax of the black candle. The bottle must then be shaken well while saying the following incantation taken from the Bible, specifically Psalms 31:17-18. After reciting the incantation, you will need to bury the bottle in a grave. This spell is said to stop all evil gossip.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012