Almond symbolic meaning

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

Almonds have been associated with a symbol of love.

The branches from an almond tree were given as a gift of love in ancient times. To see or climb an almond tree is considered successful. In Tuscany, the almond is focused on treasures and good luck. If we look deeper at an almond and it superstitious meaning we need to take the almond in its literal sense. Generally, it is enclosed in a pod, it is considered the symbol of the soul thus, something hidden and secret. As the almond comes from a tree it symbolizes recreation and birth.

There is a greek legend that features almonds. A wonderful princess called Phyllis met and fell in love with a man called Demophon, he traveled home from Troy to marry Phyllis. Unfortunately, his father died so he had to turn back to Athens on the night before the wedding to Phyllis. Phyllis turned into an almond tree after she took her own life because she thought Demophon did not love her. This was because his finance, Demophon did not turn up for their wedding, Demophon later went to find Phyllis and saw a leafless, flowerless almond tree.

The sorrow he felt embraced the tree which later turned into a flower. The ancient Greeks believed that the almond is a symbol of love due to this tale. If we now look at how the almond is seen in the middle east it is widely known as a sex stimulator. Researchers at King Sud university put rodents on an almond-rich diet.

After observation, it was shown that due to the rich content of vitamin E, which results in high sexual function that the rodents performed well. This research was instrumental in revealing that Almonds are supposed to increase the sex drive naturally, a natural health method for low testosterone. Crushed almond has been used to increase sex drive for centuries. If almond is found in a rice pudding then this is supposed to be good luck. Ground almonds were used to thicken sauces, especially indian food.

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2016