Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

Water of life (Latin: aqua vitae), fire water, spirits; alcohol by any name.

It is the male and the female, the passive and the active, calming and energizing. It releases inhibitions and quells fears, freeing the subconscious, the imagination and individual creativity. Alcohol is used in magic to cleanse.It is important for individuals to take into consideration the scientific process of how alcohol is used, the main use is focused on drinking and the fun times that one has. Tracking how much alcohol one consumes is a positive thing to increase energy levels. Going back to superstitions alcohol has been used for many years as a release for cleaning magical instruments. There are numerous superstitions around alcohol. It will be enough to say that many are based on fear; that's they are baseless. The fear might be at the right place but for the wrong reason.

Before we look into this deeper, it is good to clearly define the two types of reasoning which are applicable. There are the natural and the supernatural reasoning. In natural reasoning everything is explained scientifically. A good example is when a ball falls to the ground, this takes place that way because of the force of gravity. In the case of supernatural reasoning, one can argue that the ball falls to the ground because of a ghost which pushes the ball down to the ground.

It can be easily understood if I provide you with a breakdown on the way of thinking applied here. There are basically two types of popular superstitions when it comes to alcohol and smoking. The two are strongly detested by some people. There are religions that do not agree with smoking or drinking. The main reason given is that it is dangerous to their health conditions. That sounds like common sense. But in reality that reason is not sufficient enough to make young people abstain from the consumption of alcohol. This being the case, people start using different tactics in order to frighten people from drinking. They resort to the use of supernatural reasons instead of natural type of reasoning.

Now you may be wondering which are the natural reasons? We may start with what the religious teachers say about alcohol. They say that it is the devil’s piss. When they say that, they mean serious business. The devil produces alcohol as a waste product. Up to that point you may get confused. Why is the moderate consumption of alcohol good for your body? We are very aware of all the processes used in making alcohol. As much as alcohol has bad side effects, that is not enough to use supernatural reasons in explaining it. In superstitions, it is believed that the Devil’s piss and poop are dropped reaching the sea where they form an Island. This is the place from which the Westerners take the leaves of plants to make tobacco.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012