Ultimate guide to fear of flying

Human’s have a deep fear of launching into the sky on an airplane.

Each moment, every second in the material world an airplane is taking off and landing. Surprisingly, flying is more than twenty times safer than staying in one’s home. Flying on an airplane is almost thirty times safer than travelling in a car! These statistics are impressive but unfortunately their remains close to one billion people who are uncomfortable about taking the journey on an airplane. There are even coaches who help one overcome their fear. Many people who fear flying are reluctant to enter the plane, resulting in wonderful holidays that are missed.

Many human beings have felt the surge of excitement when on an airplane. It was associated with glamour in the 1930’s and 1940s. As we now live in a global world, with google, twitter we are able to learn allot more about the actual workings of the airplane, work out the safest exit routes and hold the ability to investigate air crashes by watching many news accounts and reading about the reasons behind the crash.

Ever since the first human flew there has been a focus on the fear. In World War One when English soldiers were experiencing a shortage of air pilots they needed the general public to volunteer. The strange thing is that after 10 hours of airplane training they became the best combat fighters in the air. It is true to say we all hold a fear of flying - especially the older we get!

Pilots and superstitions the anxiety of passengers became greater in the 1960s and 1950s. Air travel anxiety was studied by psychologists. The conclusion that psychologists came to was that the fear of flying was actually reversible. This was an amazing find. Fear of flying can happen almost anybody, at any time. It doesn't necessarily reflect social status or career backgrounds. Most passengers who fly on a regular basis are quite worried and suddenly they are faced with the prospect of fearing the number of hours ahead.

This article not only covers some interesting facts about the fear of flying but we will move swiftly on to the superstitions surrounding airplanes and flights. Most aerophobics do rationally think that the fear that they hold inside is trivial. Despite this they still fear the actual flight itself. So why do people fear flying? The answer to this question lies in the experiences of the individual. Most people have had bad experience flying which caused ongoing anxiety. Being on a flight terrible turbulence results in many fearing flying forever. There is another fear of terrorism due to 9/11. Additionally, can't even stand the reason why they dislike flying.

Some people feel the fact they cannot see in front of them and there's no guidance in the air and everything dependent on technology is another reason why fear flying. Having children is likely to effect the fear of flying. Many express their fears about leaving their children if something happens, therefore, in particular women are more afraid than men.

Engine Noises and movements

Engine noises and aircraft movements and the lack of understanding of the aircraft are also associated with fear. The turbulent condition in the air can also be associated with the fear we feel. The key element of fear of flying is that we have limited amount of control, in fact no control. They are unable to stop the plane if it crashes.

Why you are frightened of flying?

Most people who are in control for most of their lives find being out of control fearful. Many people in life like to have in order command areas of life find flying particularly difficult. Perhaps one would say somebody has an issue with trust. There are many situations in life where we give control to other people, such as trusting doctors, pharmacists and also other people driving this in a car. However, there is an element of choice within these professionals. We don't have to take the medicine, we can go to another doctor for a second opinion and additionally we can stop the vehicle if somebody is driving in a dangerous manner.

Now we've explained why somebody is frightened of flying we can move on to the superstitions.

Top superstitions about flying

Many superstitions around the airplane come from the early 30s stop the aeroplane positions are associated with somebody's subconscious thoughts. It is considered most fortunate to take flowers on board. If there are flowers within the cabin it is thought that this would initiate a crash. Flowers are connected to funerals which is why they are deemed to be bad luck upon a plane. Have you ever wondered why there is no gate 13.

This is due to superstition that nobody would want to fly from this gate. An ancient superstition the plane with the left hand three times when entering the cabin. Crossing both fingers when entering the airplane it's suppose to bring good luck. Some airplanes have been banned from production as American Airlines and Delta had too many accidents associated with flight 191.

We will now cover the superstitions of pilots. Many pilots have maintained various interesting superstitions such as flying on a certain day to ensuring that a certain color outfit is worn. There is a another superstition whereby pilots do not lend any flying clothing any flying clothing to each other. it is supposed to be considered bad luck to do so. The pilot should never climb into the right hand side of the plane.

You should always enter from the left in order to ensure safe flight stop many pilots cross fingers before they take off to ensure successful and safe journey. The colours black and green are considered bad luck in relation to aeroplanes.

Nobody on board the flight should wear the colour green. Green is associated with crashes. This is probably due to the fact that trees are green and other landscape materials are of this colour, it is believed that if one flies a green plane then it denotes that the crash will happen.

Hope you enjoyed these superstitions and remember to avoid a crash going forward!

By Florance Saul
Jan 3, 2017