Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

The element of the East, one of the four classical elements and absolutely crucial to life.

The word “air” is a derivative of the Latin “spirare”; noticeable in common English words such as respire, aspire and inspire. Air is representative of power and purity, as well as thought, knowledge and intellect. Air is considered a masculine energy, both active and aggressive. The injurious nature of night air has been instilled in many people since they were young. That is why they were again told that such air must not be left to reach their rooms. That is why people with such belief keep their doors and windows always closed.

This is very injurious to their good health. This is especially the case when it comes to their sleeping quarters. The only time this can be acceptable is when it is chilly outside during the evening. You can equally achieve that end by wearing warm clothing at all times. The lungs cannot do without the benefit of fresh air. This has caused diseases in many people as a result. The pure air which roams at night should be left to get into your sleeping quarters. This is a great blessing for your health.

In Ireland, in the 1920's it was normal for children of whooping cough to be treated by inhaling hot tar. Normally, the children would need a series of doses of tar in order to get better. In the 1930's it was common for people with TB to go to the Swiss Alps to get the benefit of cold air in their lungs.What are people afraid of when it comes to night air? This was a constant question by one Florence Nightingale in her writings right from Crimean health care units. She was wondering if air is made poisonous by mere absence of light. It cannot be possible to consume the day time air even after darkness. Night air is healthy and life giving. It is the same as the outdoor air which we consume on a daily basis. When you close your windows at night, you start torturing yourself. We gain a lot from the air in motion and not the stagnant one we enclose in our rooms.

It is believed that the fear of cold air comes from the idea that the cooling of the atmospheric air generates air currents very close to the windows. That is why most people who have this issue tend to have double window sashes. That way they prevent any form of fresh air from getting into their rooms. There are many superstitions about breathing in a range of atmospheres. Folklore around air can be entertaining. Seeing a bird in the air is a sign of good luck, to see the bird flying in the air by crossing you means that the family will be rich.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012