Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve

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Adam and Eve lived contentedly and innocently in the Garden of Eden, until Eve encountered a Serpent who tempted her into violating the law of God by eating fruit from the “Tree of Wisdom”.

Deceived by the “Father of Lies”, Eve convinced Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, resulting in the “Fall of Man” and seeing the pair stripped of immortality and exiled from Eden.Adam and Eve’s story appears in the Bible’s book of Genesis. “Genesis” as a word that loosely translates into birth, origin and beginning; thus it is little surprise that Adam and Eve are considered the father and mother of mankind. Eve, was created from the rib of Adam and “from man” became “woman.”

The Evangelicals have a belief that the Christian doctrine is based on the narrative of Adam and Eve and their first sins. It is believed that “Sin was brought into this world via one man". That sin is responsible for the deaths we encounter. That death is experienced by all men because people have sinned.” This is what Paul of Tarsus said in his letter to the Romans.

Chapter three of that letter does not make use of the word “sin”. Further on, Genesis 3:24 clarifies that the couple was expelled from the garden. This was done to prevent them from consuming the tree of life which would have given them a guarantee of an everlasting life. It is reported that Adam’s sin was hereditary as reported by St. Augustine of Hippo while he was working on the Latin version of the letter of Paul. That is why he said that death was spread to all mankind after Adam transgressed the law. In that case, it is clear that man is born as a sinner. That condition must be solved by redemption. This idea became the basis of the Western Christian theoretical beliefs.

Over hundreds of years, Christians have developed unique beliefs based on the narrative of Adam and Eve. The stains of hereditary sin are now cleaned through baptism. This is what many churches believe. Originally baptism was an indicator of being born again. In addition to that, the serpent that tempted Eve is considered to be Satan. That is, Satan was making use of the serpent as his mouthpiece. This is never mentioned in Judaism and Torah. This belief is strengthened due to the mention of the phrase “Old Serpent” in Revelation 12:9 and 20:2.

There are so many questions which still remain unanswered such as why were people born in sin? Why did Adam and Eve sin? Why did God give Adam freedom to engage in sin? These questions are very hard to answer! Would Adam know that what he did was wrong had the evil been non-existent before Adam? Was Adam to know that it is morally wrong to disobey God? Can we say that Adam was as innocent as a baby who is newly born? What was the reason that made God leave Satan near Adam who was very dear to his heart? Are we being punished for the evil deeds of other people?

It is relieving to some people since science has pointed out that the creation story is not true. Thus, there was nothing like the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve never existed at all. It is just a myth according to scientists.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012