acorn meaning spiritually

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The acorn originates from such a wonderful tree sometimes referred to as the “king” of all trees.

The acorn, as the seed of the mighty Oaktree has long been viewed as symbolic of strength and power. Many different cultures see the acorn in different ways. Acorns have been carried by soldiers to keep them safe in battle, worn as ornaments around women’s necks to ward off aging and even placed on the windowsills of homes as protection from lightning. Because Oak trees take many, many years to mature and only mature trees bear fruit, the humble acorn is also a symbol of patience.

Beautiful huge multicolored brown oak leaves can signify the real material world in life. Each oak tree can symbolize a variety of occult workings. Using an Acorn during occult work was popular. It is all focused on beginnings and possibilities. The Acorn has been used in ancient times in spell making.In pagan times the oak tree signified midsummer.

There are many occult workings that are associated with this wonderful tree. Acorns will also be associated with love spells, directly associated with increasing fertility. They are also used for divinatory in some cultures. Acorns are also associated with decorating in the samhain feast. The samhain feast is part of the Wiccan wheel of the year and falls on Halloween. Acorn’s are best planted in the warning of the moon in order to attract riches. This point of the moon is associated with the hidden astral worlds. It has been connected to growth. By making an offering to the roots of the tree (such as red wine or coins) will secure more luck.

The white oak is associated with purity and strength. A brown oak is often connected to helping one unlock a road and can be used for unblocking spells. Additionally grounding. In ancient occult work, acorns were put at the edge of a window in order to create patience and protection. As we have already touched on, the Acorn signifies strength but also great luck.

To place an acorn in one’s bath will create great luck, patience, new beginnings and growth. Surprisingly, the Acorn can be poisonous if eaten. If cattle eat too many acorns this can create birth defects. Acorn in occult terms associated with positivity and new beginnings. Acorns on one’s windowsill in front of the moon will draw in money. There are many magical properties of both the oak tree and acorns.

Here are some additional superstitions regarding acorns

  • Wear an acorn around the neck for protection, especially children.
  • In England the acorns that are many mean the harvest will suffer.
  • A catastrophe will happen if the oak leaves change color from one year to the next.
  • Oak trees have fairies living within the roots. The holes in the oak tree are suppose to be the doorways to the spirit world.

By Florance Saul
Jan 3, 2017