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My friend called me the other day and asked me to discuss with her Wiccan craft names. She asked me why it should even matter - reminding me that she is ordinary and not that much into witchy stuff. When I quizzed her about her source of information she admitted she had read it in some chick mag and thought I would be the best person to help her find her true spiritual name!

Before going into the IMPORTANCE of uncovering your craft name (if your witchy or not) I just need to quickly describe what this name actually is. 

What an earth is a Wiccan name?

A tool is helpful in Witchcraft to reflect one's new identity, separate from the street personae. A craft name in Druid terms indicates that you adopt a “craft” name in your tradition. It is not compulsory if you feel you don’t need one or don’t wish to go by the craft name then that is fine. Maybe we choose something that reflects our inner belief such as the magic seeker, or Kurtus magician. We can sometimes choose our own or we go to the spirit to choose one for us. Another popular thing is to adopt a name from a goddess such as Hecate.

Some Witches use this name as a way of encouraging privacy while others use it only in circles in order to make them feel empowered during their magical experiences. Especially in situations where there is a need for secrecy (ie. The person has not announced that they practice to their workmates or family) the craft name of a person should be protected.

I’m no mind-reader but witchcraft is all over the place these days, spells, incantations, and even spiritual cleansing in all sorts of literature. Our spiritual name is multifaceted there is no correct one. To uncover your craft name I tend to do a meditation, if this does not rock your boat then Pagans have their own Alphabet so you can take your real name and translate it.

This is called the Theban alphabet and is it rather abstract in nature. The Norse, Viking wanderers aligned these letters against our own which I found in a dusty antique shop in London - an ancient book about magic in a dusty shop by GH Romania 1885. You can use this to uncover if there is any words within your current name that you can use or even look at the letters from this list (once you have worked out your own name) to see if you can understand if there is anything unique about descrambling the letters.

A = B

B = C

C = D

D = G

E =  A

F = G

G = F

H = E

I = H

J = I

K = W

L = P

M = M

N = N

O = O

P = R

Q = Q

R = S

S = T

T = U

U = N

V = M

W = J

X = K

Y = L

Z = Z

Like the Celtic tribes, the Norse had a very strong connection with Earth and the elements, the gods, and the little people in life. I actually did my own birth name and it resulted in the spelling sagaman and I did not know what this was until I looked up this was a man from Norse organ, he was a natural man who relied on moral principles but told stories to the Vikings about moral order and the gods, yes, this freaked me out a bit.

So I urge you to use the alphabet above and I just googled a scrabble descrambler to find the words of my Wiccan name. 

I will try to get one of those on this site soon. The other method of finding your spiritual team is to use your birth number. Yes, to be fair I don’t think this is the best method. Many books have mentioned using numerology to do this. You can visit my numerology section to get your number just click here.

Why do I need to know my Wiccan name?

You do not have to choose a name and some people don’t wish to share what their name means. I feel it is beneficial as you can then use the name in times of need if you're feeling down or you need to connect with someone on the spirit level. I hope this helps. Blessings, Flo x

By Florance Saul
Jun 10, 2020