When a Dragonfly Lands On You?


When a Dragonfly Lands On You?

Dragonflies landing on you can be a bit of a crazy experience, and this is a super powerful spiritual message. If you have come to my website to find out why it is important to first consider what dragonflies mean in various cultures and beliefs. To begin with, the spiritual meaning of dragonflies is often associated with that of the butterfly -- in that they mean change, transformation, and self-realization. Their flight through the air reminds us that we too can navigate life's winds of change with grace.

Where does the dragonfly land?

  • The Hand: Handshake of goals in your life - When a dragonfly lands on your hand, it's as if nature has reached out for a handshake. The hand, is a tool for creation and interaction I will speak more about this later on but I want you to know that when this happens it resonates with the dragonfly's (and your spirit team's) energy of change. It is a meeting of productivity and transformation, suggesting in my view --- that your goals could be met in the next year by what you do with your hands.
  • The Head/Face: Your Crown of Wisdom - I'm sure you have heard of the chakras. The head is about connecting to the spiritual world. To have a dragonfly land on top of your head or forehead is like being anointed with the dew of wisdom. The head, seat of the intellect and intuition, is where we create our dreams and thoughts. A dragonfly being near your face or head might mean the emergence of clear insights or the need to trust in the power of your mind.
  • The Shoulder: A Whisper of Responsibility - Shoulders carry our burdens and support the weight of responsibility. When dragonflies land upon this part of the body, it may be time to consider your responsibilities. Are you shouldering too much? Or perhaps it's an encouragement that you are strong enough to carry your current loads with ease.
  • The Arm: A Message of Strength - The arm's strength is mirrored by the dragonfly's powerful flight. An encounter here may be a nod to your strength and endurance. I know this might sound crazy, but this is a silent message from the universe that you have the power to overcome.
  • The foot - moving towards better times - And what of the dragonfly that finds your foot? Feet takes us on our life's journey, grounding us and propelling us forward. This quaint visitor on your foot could very well be hinting at an upcoming journey or a new path unfolding before you.

What color was the dragonfly?

Each butterfly in spiritual terms suggests a certain meaning. I have researched my books going back to the 30s and these are the specific color meanings of each butterfly. 

  • Let's first consider the brown dragonfly, this dragonfly may seem mundane at first glance. Yet, in my reflections, I believe it represents stability and earthy resilience. Seeing this dragonfly reminds us of the groundedness needed in our lives.
  • Blue dragonflies in my research are often associated with calmness and reflection ---- this highlights the need for deep discovery in life. What does it mean to see a blue dragonfly in the day? Traditionally, light is a symbol of awareness and knowledge. Therefore, a daytime encounter can signal a time to bring light to aspects of your life that require greater understanding or a spiritual awakening of sorts.
  • The red dragonfly, with its fiery color, often captures people's attention as it is so unusual. I feel a sense of passion and vitality. Symbolically, red dragonflies are often associated with energy and courage, stirring the spirit towards action.
  • Next, the black dragonfly is about darkness and presence. It's a reflection of the deep waters of the subconscious mind and the mysteries of the universe. I think there's a certain depth to the black dragonfly's presence that can mean contemplation.
  • On brighter days, the yellow dragonfly emerges just like sunlight, which symbolically means a cool, happy vibe in life --- specifically --- cheerfulness and joy. Its shine (just like the sun) is a constant reminder to remain optimistic, even when skies are gray.
  • The pink dragonfly is all about LOVE. If this lands on you it is about feeling a heartwarming embrace, a tender sign of love and compassion that lingers in the memory.
  • Many poets and dreamers have sung praises of the light blue dragonfly. With its sky-colored wings, it brings with it (when you see it) messages of calm and tranquility, urging us to breathe in the peace of our surroundings.
  • Lastly, the amazing gold dragonfly signifies prosperity and abundance. When spotted, it means great luck is coming --- as if a wave of wealth, in its most spiritual sense. I believe these dragonflies are bearers of serendipitous fortune.

Each color of the dragonfly carries its own tale and symbology. In a way, dragonflies are messengers, their colors are words steeped in the spiritual essence of life. Through their silent display, they encourage us to embody the qualities they stand for, merging their hues into the canvas of our lives.

When I was a little girl, I remember being by the pond in my nanny's house and being taken aback by the vibrant colors of multiple dragonflies as they darted across the surface of the sky. It felt like I was in a film, like Narnia --- magical. Of course, they landed on me multiple times and it did freak me out. I want to share a secret with you, dragonflies are considered (in my spiritual books) messengers from another realm bringing secrets of wisdom and enlightenment. The spiritual meaning is further enriched when you consider the biblical meaning of a dragonfly --- which I will speak about later on. While not directly mentioned in scripture, they are commonly interpreted as “agents of light” moving beyond the surface for deeper understanding.

But what about when a dragonfly lands on you specifically on your hand? 

It’s a moment of real POWER which is associated with the fact that you reflect on your journey and embrace the lessons waiting in your personal experiences, I often find that this spiritual landing might mean you may end up losing yourself in your own thoughts. I feel the dragonfly is kind of a nudge to let go of whatever doesn't serve you, making room for your truest self to unfold. Now, if you're lucky enough to encounter a blue dragonfly (that lands on your hand) then pay attention. Blue dragonflies are especially symbolic, representing the depth and maturity of character. While their appearance might be common, their underlying message is a reminder of the profound growth born from life's experiences, encouraging you to trust in your path and the maturity it brings. Think of the spiritual meaning of blue it is about calmness and knowing that you need to listen before you speak. And let’s not forget the fact it landed on your hand, which can suggest that calm times (and relaxation) is on it’s way.

Seeing a dragonfly during the day is about disapproval.  It’s the feeling that people might not be thinking in the same way, maybe you have disapproval from that annoying boss, someone has not done what you wish them to do, or the guy behind the checkout is annoyed when you get that extra lottery ticket.  It is about living with who you are despite the disapproval of others. The sunlight shining off their wings, an array of colors and reflections is a reminder to live fully in the present and appreciate the beauty around you. Dragonflies have been a source of inspiration throughout history, and I believe they continue to stir something within us, something that is about being okay with people not liking you. So when a dragonfly visits you, take it as a sign to pause and ponder on where you are and where you wish to be, and not give a stuff about what others think.

What does it mean for a dragonfly to land on your head?

Have you ever had a dragonfly land on your head unexpectedly? This crazy occurrence can be quite thought-provoking. I believe it's a sign that mentally things are going to get better. As I have said before, I feel this may signify a connection to a realm beyond our own. The dragonfly could act as a spiritual messenger, asking you to be alert to messages delivered through your ---- dreams, intuition, or coincidences.

What does it mean for a dragonfly to visit you?

In all my spiritual books the dragonfly symbolism speaks of change, but it's also a testament to resilience and adaptability. I see these visits (to you) as an affirmation of trust in your ability to navigate life, regardless of the twists and turns. I want to tell you to embrace each dragonfly sighting as a small but significant reminder to embrace change, seek deep waters, and soar with newfound clarity and purpose. After all, as quick as these “dragonfly” encounters may be, the message they carry is enduring and deeply transformative.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Dragonflies

As a child, I remember loads of dragonflies flying through the warm summer air in my grandmother's garden. Even then, I felt there was something magical about them—a sense of mystery and otherworldliness that I couldn't quite put my finger on. I must say, the dragonfly's ability to maneuver in all directions mirrors the need for us to embrace change with similar poise and flexibility. If you find yourself connected to the dragonfly you see, it might be an invitation to consider areas of your life where you may need to adapt with more ease and confidence -- and remember don’t worry about what other people think.

The Biblical Meaning of the Dragonfly

The dragonfly is not directly mentioned in the bible, and I could not find any references directly. However, I feel that dragonflies are similar to butterflies --- they represent the capacity to reveal the deeper truths of the universe. They are considered by some to be agents of change and reminders to delve beyond surface appearances.

Conclusion to a Dragonfly landing on you

Remember, the next time you find a dragonfly crossing your path, take a breath and look -- look --- at what might be a small nod from the universe signaling you towards reflection and growth. If you are seeking guidance spiritually, the meaning of dragonflies can shine a light on the journey of self-discovery. Their swift flight encourages you to move beyond doubts and fears, which means you need to embrace change with an open heart. 


By Florance Saul
Feb 4, 2024