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The thought process of forming a scenic image in the mind’s eye. This can be for meditation, religious, or astral purposes.

Since many Witches take responsibility for their own life and are therefore in tuned with the creative nature of the world and their role in it, they tend to have a heightened sense of understanding the way that the mind works.

What the eyes see, the brain registers, but when we are remembering something, the brain sees no difference between that which was seen in the ‘real’ world and that which was created within the ‘mind’s eye.’ In this, the Witch understands that the power of visualizing or imagining what one wants out of life is a power at our disposal and the brain, which creates our whole experience every single day does not know the difference.

Therefore if a person deeply desired to have a new car, all one would have to do is put that desire through a visualization process and to think only of the new car in order to manifest that desire into reality.

Visualisation is a new-age process where a person can visualise through the third eye psychic images or thoughts. This is very much associated with moving into different vibrations. Sometimes, the mental image can be extremely powerful.

If we think about images in our mind of a goal or the future it is much easier to materialise. If we look at how this was used in the past, the Berlin wall is a great example! There was a number of people that came together that are associated with a "conscious objective" to bring down the wall.  Obviously, we know that this wall was finally removed.

Many rituals and spells focused on visualisation. This term can also be known as guided images. If we look at traditional Christianity, many people use prayer for a wider variety of reasons. We indeed visualise during this process.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012