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Totem Animal Meaning

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A spirit animal guide that represents or helps a person on their life or astral path.

An animal totem is an important and symbolic object which is used by a practitioner of Earth Based Spirituality in order to get in touch with specific qualities found within an animal.

By attaching to the attributes and strengths of an animal, there is the possibility of learning through their perspective which can help progress a person through their greatest fears or tasks of life. An animal totem will help to guide those desirous of help to instruct and protect in order to enable the practitioner to feel more deeply connected to life.

All that is necessary to find a personal animal totem is to identify which animal if any a closeness is felt and then choose to work magic or participate in an animal totem meditation in order to connect with that spirit animal. At that point, a relationship can begin and one can assimilate these powerful attributes to better the overall life experience.

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Many people understand that spirit animals are associated with guidance. There is generally a curiosity when somebody has an unusual experience with an animal alternatively has more than one sighting. In terms of from a spiritual perspective the animal totem normally carries messages from the spirit world. Many people wonder why a certain animal appears in their dreams. The concept of animal totems is from shamans. In life we have a natural connection to animals.

Obviously, we have animals as pets we see many different types of animals on a daily basis. Perhaps this is when you go for a walk in the park may see many cats, dogs and birds. Again, in our modern world there are many animals that are seen on ornaments and pictures. If we now turn to the spirit world we understand that there is many different vibrations and dimensions. These exist in parallel with our universe. If we think about the word spirit guide is associated with helping us like a guardian angel.

Spirit guides in this sense can appear in our life any time. The spirit guide cannot only be a human being but also an animal.  Within our magical section you can select your own spirit animal from random. Just click here.

One of the key advantage of working with spirit guides in animal form is that the animal itself represents the whole species of that animal. If for example your animal totem is a clownfish, it means that all fish in life have a unique connection to you. Animal guides can help many different ways but will have a positive influence on your life. Animal guys can help us, provide advice, motivators and help us heal from life’s pain.

What does animal totem mean?

The term that is referred to as an animal totem has the following meaning. If we look at the first word totem this is normally connected to a group of people. Reviewing many different cultures the animal totem will be eccentric to each family group. Therefore an animal totem within a family is often shared. The second main meaning of the term animal totem was associated with the animal itself.

We often give our children gifts (with animals on such as birds or sea creatures) and they have an association with a certain animal at one point in their childhood. My son for example is fascinated by aquatic and marine life. Therefore, our family totem is focused on fish. Many people might find animal totem to be primitive. The governance of such spiritual and physical associations is often not taken seriously. If we look at an early magician or priestess they would often adopt animals as a guide. This could be seen when they dress as animals in order to reawaken their own inner voice and energies. Those in the occult are often associated with rituals focused on specific seasons and celebrating God’s. If we turn to the Hermetic Law of Correspondence the psychic law is associated with above, below, as below, so above. Therefore, in animal totem mythology there is a focus on understanding natural life.

The animal totem itself is part of nature and we can use the animal messages in order to learn more about ourselves. Animal totem is generally used to provide us with more intelligence in life. They are represented as archetypal powers that are associated with nature. 

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012