Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

Aiding in our ability to focus and see the bigger picture, this chakra is also called the Brow chakra, as it is located on the forehead, right between your eyes.

The Third-Eye chakra covers intuition and imagination; also, giving wisdom and clarity in decision-making and of thought.  This chakra is used in many magickal practices as the focus for manifestation as balancing it out can allow a person to see beyond the spiritual veil and formulate manifestation beyond the illusion of our physical plane. Because of this, the Third-Eye chakra is responsible for many of the more esoteric practices such as meditation, meditation and spiritual creativity that is present within poetry and song.

Attributes of the Chakra

Crystals: Sodalite and Lapis

Location on the Body:  Forehead, between the eyebrows

Affirmations: “To see and witness the truth…”

Colors and Meditation Correspondences

The energy of the Third-Eye chakra emanates the color indigo and it is balanced out with a deep yellow, sometimes seen as gold. A good visualization meditation to balance out the energies of this chakra within oneself is to visualize an eye on your brow, the proverbial third-eye. Imagine that it is two-toned, with a deep purple, indigo color as the main color with specks of deep yellow, similar to the green and browns in hazel eyes. As the eye open wide, take note of how your brain automatically sees the color of this third-eye. Practice changing the color of the eye, creating a equal mix of indigo and gold (or yellow). Take note of your physical sensations as the colors of the eye balance out in your meditation. To increase the awareness with this chakra, vibrating the word “Om” is very beneficial or the Third-Eye, making it easier to control and allowing for increased spiritual awareness.

The Balance of the Chakra

When there is an excess of energy within this chakra, a person may notice similar effects as those of the Crown chakra including a lack of imagination for the spiritual realm or simply being uninspired. This doesn’t mean anyone who is an atheist automatically has an excess within the Third-Eye chakra, however you will usually notice that this one for these kinds of people do constantly need attuning. An interesting paradox, as they will usually lack the belief to do so. That being said, for the typically spiritually open-minded, an excess here will likely present as the inability to control their internal demons and feeling like there is no help from God, the universe or whomever they attach their beliefs to. People will also experience increased nightmares, especially those that feel like they are real, have intrusive or reoccurring memories, indulge in thoughts of fantasy or become neurotic.

A lack of energy in this chakra can result in a depressed feeling overall where the person sinks into a state of tunnel vision state of mind. This is like a person that keeps making poor life choices, choosing to do so because it feels right, however they lack the ability to see that it is negative and one that they have made before. You may recognize this in a person who repeats abusive dating patterns or those with addiction problems. These are intensified versions of a negative energy in this chakra, but relatable.

To balance the chakra, one must be aware of the purpose and spend time becoming familiar with the attributes of being spiritually aware. Consider that when you think you have found all of the possibilities to a problem that there is always the solution that you haven’t thought of yet. Working in a group, going to church or even talking to others about spiritual topics is a good way to bring inherent balance. Regular meditation to visualize on the present surroundings is a good way to check if this chakra is unbalanced. If you find it difficult to concentrate or doubting practices that you routinely rely on, chances are that there are deficiencies within your Third-Eye.

By Flo Saul
Feb 25, 2017