Stepping In Dog Poop Spiritual Meaning


Stepping In Dog Poop Spiritual Meaning

If you are a dog lover then this is a great omen, sadly, these old superstitions have kind of disappeared from our modern world, and our younger generation has never even heard of them. Let me share this with you... I can remember as a child my grandmother use to say that stepping in dog poop was considered lucky. I know. I know.  Stepping in dog poo is not the nicest of things to happen! Yes, it is random and can be so annoying when it happens. I remember I used to step in it most of the time while dog walking so I would bring back a smelly welly :-) 

Beyond the initial reaction of “Oh no” that poo looks awful, smelly and of course the reluctance of wanting to clean it up, and normally the practicalities of wiping it off (or scraping it off) I’m here to let you know that there are some cultural and spiritual beliefs and superstitions associated with this happening to you --- and it is good news!

What are the superstitions about dog poop?

  • It is considered lucky to step in dog poop according to French legend (I will discuss this below)
  • Stepping in dog poop may be a sign of something new coming into your life, think about the Tarot Card the fool card, it means taking that "leap of faith in life"
  • Stepping in dog poop near your house is considered you need grounding
  • To step in dog poop near water (as water is emotions) can suggest that you need to release and let go of something that is not serving you.
  • Dog poop is a sign of good luck in France and a symbol of good changes coming.
  • Yes, dog poop is smelly and unpleasant but it also means that you should cleanse yourself
  • Dog poop (if particularly big can signal a messy situation)

I remember reading in one of my older superstition books that a young shepherd boy in England in the 1900s regularly stepped in sheep poop. After he stepped in the poop it would result in some sort of transformation of luck, therefore the folklore around this time believed that poop was an omen of good luck. People have long taken these sorts of “crazy things” happening as signs to mean spiritual things - walking in dog poo is one of them - and the interpretations ranged from bad luck to luck. Now, these older spiritual meanings normally come from ancient folklore.

What is the spiritual meaning of dog poop?

It is an interesting topic when you consider dogs and their bathroom behavior, especially now that researchers have discovered such weird patterns. As for the question about what dogs pooping spiritually means and context in the bible, there is no explicit reference in the scriptures to dog poop. However, the Bible does refer to dogs as friendly animals.

Now, scientifically, it is really intriguing that the Czech Faculty of Life Sciences in Prague carried out a study on dog poop positions, I know, it might sound crazy. They noted that when dogs do their "number twos" they generally line up along the north-south axis connected to the magnetic field of Earth, which is disrupted when the magnetic field changes. This means that dogs are more attuned to the natural world than we at one time believed.

Though this study didn't give any spiritual insights, it leads us to think about the complicated and possibly deep connection that living things have with Earth's magnetic field - one which we may ignore in the hustle and bustle of daily living.

Stepping in dog poo: Is it lucky or unlucky?

Stepping in dog poop can be seen as a misstep or carelessness. But spiritually, this event is not so random. If you have stepped in dog poop this is a sign I feel this is a message from your spirit team. Different cultures interpret stepping in dog poo differently. Some think it's your spiritual guides urging you to slow down and notice the environment, or anything messy around you. While some superstitions take it to mean that bad luck is coming.

As I have already mentioned dog poo is believed to represent misfortune and the need to cleanse or drive off evil forces. The French see dog poop as good luck. The idea that walking in a dog poo brings good luck is a French custom. It is believed to have its origin in the olden days when horse-drawn carriages were common, and represented wealth, new beginnings, and growth. This belief was supposed to spread to dog poo, maybe because the two could not always be distinguished on the Paris streets. For the foot itself, to step in dog poop with the left foot means even more luck will come your way. This is because according to older French folklore -- the left foot represents receiving luck or good energies. According to French superstitions, the right foot is connected to how we act in life. It is for this reason that if you step in dog poop with the right foot it is connected to acting in the right way. 

So what does it mean to step into dog poo spiritually?

In many cultures, dogs as symbols represent companions, protectors, and even spiritual guides. In ancient Greek mythology for instance -- dogs were seen as gatekeepers to the otherworld and considered “psychic animals” that could see spirits. This automatically means that even their poop is symbolic. Now, from a Chinese spiritual point of view, stepping in dog poop is yin and this means a level of balance.

If you don’t know much about Chinese yin/yan then the Chinese split everything into yin and yan. Yin is connected to the energy of the earth while yin energy is the calm, nurturing force that stabilizes and sustains growth. In Chinese culture, this means dog poop is a sign that things in life are going to be more grounded especially if things have been chaotic. In African culture, dog poop is connected to excuses. Maybe someone is giving you excuse after excuse?

Stepping in dog poop in the street: What does it mean?.

From what I have already mentioned, dog poo on the streets may be a reflection of our path in life, that uncontrollable force that surrounds us. The street in any town or city has a lot of energy and activity as members of the public walk on the path every day. This to me may represent all the influences and difficulties that you face with people (things will get messy), therefore, spiritually stepping into dog poop might be an accidental encounter as I have just said with the messier side of society (or a group of people).

So what does it mean to step into dog poop in the field?

The field I believe is focused on nature, something “natural” in life. It is for this reason that walking in dog poo in the field might be a sign to turn back to nature and think about the organic, wild, and chaotic aspects of life. In a field, one feels closer to the earth and the cycles so walking in dog poop may feel uncomfortable but I believe it all has to do with nature. Similarly, fields are often places we go to find peace in life, so we should pay more attention to them in our daily lives. A temporary disturbance in your life could also occur if you step in dog poop.

By Florance Saul
Mar 6, 2024