Spiritual Meaning of Birds

Spiritual And Symbolic Meanings of Birds

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing birds?

Iv'e got you! I am going to detail EVERY bird and the spiritual meaning of seeing this bird. So just scroll down to find out what it means to see this bird, as it can be so important. If a bird is on your mind, it is so important.

When I was a little girl my great-grandmother, nanny Florence always told me that birds function as spiritual messengers and is the link between the spiritual and physical realms. I am sure you are here because you have even seen a bird or just want to know the spiritual meaning.

Being a medium, I have collected the most typical reasons for bird visits as well as their meanings over my many (45 years) of practice. Seeing birds (generally has much more meaning) for my readers here or those who watch my videos. I want to start by saying that different species of birds carry varied spiritual meanings and messages. For instance, seeing a raven often signifies a message from a departed loved one. These vibrant black (and very intelligent) birds are thought to bring comfort and reminders that those who have passed on are still watching over us. I don’t know if you have watched Game of Thrones but the Raven is supposed to fly between different realms. Similarly, the owl is frequently associated with wisdom and intuition, often appearing when one needs to reflect deeply on personal situations or decisions.

What does a power bird mean spiritually? Is the bird your guide?

In spirituality, a power bird is a bird spirit guide who is thought to offer protection, guidance, and support to a person. Power birds tend to be associated with shamanic and indigenous traditions where they are viewed as spiritual guides or companions who help individuals in different areas of their lives. 

  • Birds in your house: if a bird comes into your home or somewhere inside this is a definite sign from spirit. I remember having a small bird in my house and it is about vibrations. The house is you, and the bird is the traveller from the astral plane. In this way, I feel seeing this is about your own freedom in life.
  • Seeing a bird flying in the sky: When a bird flies above you, it might indicate something is coming in for you (like the tarot card the fool) there is something that is above and you might want to think about that leap of faith. It is a reminder to take flight - beyond your present capabilities.
  • Seeing a dead bird: I don’t want to freak you out but seeing a dead bird means a new job, love or something starting. Before starting my new job I saw a dead magpie when walking the dog, it means you will move to a transition phase where you have to let go of anything not serving you. 
  • Bird poop: It might seem gross, but a bird pooing on you is usually a sign of great luck. It usually means new changes or opportunities are coming up. It might also stand for clearing away the old to make way for the new. 
  • Bird hitting window: A bird hitting a window is a warning sign - particularly crows. It might signify a danger or a situation to be cautious of. This particular sound suggests improved awareness and trusting your intuition. Be open to receiving insights or messages from higher powers that might guide you through challenging times.
  • Bird landing on you: This is so rare. But a bird landing on you means new phases in life. Depending on the bird species. 
  • Seeing two birds: Seeing two birds together could signify an upcoming or current relationship of significance or potential. This particular sign has appeared to remind you to be strong and your bonds with other people - either professionally or personally. It stresses connection, cooperation and mutual support.
  • Birds crawling you:  If a bird crawls you ( a rare thing) represents change or a major life event. This might signal a personal growth, transition or maybe a shift of perspective. It's a sign to embrace brand new experiences..
  • A Bird Perched: Seeing a bird perched on something (like a windowsill, or bush) is a sign of good news or maybe a message from above. This sighting indicates important information or an opportunity may be coming soon. It warns you to be alert for changes that can enhance your life.
  • A bird singing: hearing birds is considered a positive energy or a sign of peace and joy. You will hear on my videos on social media the background noise of birds. They always sing when I do spiritual work - it might be a period of fulfillment and contentment in your own personal life. Take the bird's melody as a reminder to appreciate the simple pleasures and be present now. This auditory sign might also suggest good news is coming and cause hope and optimism.
  • Finding or Seeing a birds nest: Seeing a bird create a nest is a metaphor for producing and maintaining an environment. This nest is symbolic of creating a strong foundation in your house, Birds living in your roof space: This encourages you to work hard to create stability and security so you have a bedrock on which to grow.
  • Birds on the lawn: Seeing a bird on your lawn or in the garden signifies freedom, ambition, and greater viewpoints. This sighting might inspire you to reach higher. I also think it challenges you to look at the larger picture - and also understand your circumstances much better. 
  • Birds fighting: this means opportunities to broaden your horizon and raise your professional or personal objectives.
  • Birds at dawn: a bird singing at dawn signals a brand new day - renewal, hope and new beginnings. This beautiful vibe reminds you to consider every day as a chance to release previous regrets and look forward to the possibilities. It's a reminder to rise earlier and use the morning energy to set a great mood for the day-to improve productivity and optimism.
  • Bird feeding it’s young: Watching a bird feed its young demonstrates care and nurturing - and the cycle of life. 
  • Bird on a branch: a bird perched on a branch might signify rest and reflection. This peaceful image reminds you to look around you and evaluate your situation prior to proceeding. It helps you become much more mindful and contemplative inside yourself, and also you can make better choices. Be still and introspective so you can know your actions and desires relative to your values.
  • Bird song: hearing a bird song is linked with happiness, communications and harmony. 
  • Birds stealing something: I watched a video of a bird stealing money from a shop. To see or experience birds stealing it is connected to work ethic, resilience and also the need to create a safe haven. This particular behavior is a metaphor for the work and commitment necessary to build on in your professional life - stealing - and working hard. It encourages patience and persistence - it says small, consistent efforts are able to accumulate as time passes. 
  • Bird attacking: This is kind of self-explanatory but a bird attack is about being criticised by others or being attacked in the walking world symbolically. To fly near your head can suggest that there is conflict in your own mind. 
  • Birds nest making: Watching birds construct nests may motivate you to build one for yourself or a family.
  • Migration: Seeing loads of birds ready for bird migration is an example of endurance, adaptation and survival instincts. Their lengthy journeys over long distances frequently with numerous obstacles demonstrate how adaptable and resilient we all are. Migration signs - have been sent to teach you to accept change and follow your inner compass in the unfamiliar journey in life --- I feel that seeing loads of these birds is kind of like a new start ready for you - a new day - a new city - a new house - a new life. 
  • Bird tattoo meaning: If you see someone with this -- or you are thinking about a tattoo yourself then this symbol is about learning about rising high in life. This is a deep meaning of being connected to earth and the sky.
birds meaning spiritual

What is the spiritual meaning of birds?

In my view,  birds are viewed as messengers or visitors coming from the spirit realm, out of a spiritual perspective. The particular message behind the visitation is going to vary for everybody, but keep in mind it is essential to determine who or even what has sent the message initially. I also feel there is an element of accessing our love ones (that have passed), our spiritual guides and angels - in that bird visits are thought to signify the presence of someone who loved you who is in spirit, angels as well as our guides. Do you also notice they pop up when you are at your most critical time in life?

Seeing a particular bird species or strange bird behaviour synchronously suggests your angels as well as spirit guides are making their presence known, you may see angel numbers after the encounter or some other sign may appear. When my dog died ( it really hit me) a bird flew into the place where I collected her ashes. So, in my view birds come during periods of difficulty, and bird visits are able to offer comfort and reassurance. Whenever you require positive energy, your angels as well as spirit guides are going to send you physical signals such as birds (you mark my words). It's a way of telling you you aren't alone, and it's also their way of supplying comfort for you.

It is usually a sign of a loved one's presence that you see a particular bird they liked in life (I see Robins which equals my Grandad coming through as his name was Robin) ---- so if the bird is important to them it could be a spiritual sign. They might choose to come to you as a particular bird, because you will have a much better chance of relating it to them. You might even feel a sort of energy whenever you think about the bird and they also show up.

Notice when you see particular birds

Timing is essential for a spiritual visitation and in most cases takes place around a major date, celebration, or general situation. You might see a particular bird frequently visiting a specific place or even displaying behaviors that remind you of that bird you used to love. If you wish to be sure that it is your loved one, you must talk to a psychic.

You may meet them in a dream, during meditation or perhaps out in nature. Consequently, in case a particular bird species keeps coming back for you, it is that bird's means of grabbing your attention as well as offering itself as your spirit animal. The bird that "keeps appearing" I view as being a power bird, could bring with it messages as well as directions tailored to your life circumstances. Watching its actions, appearance, and any synchronistic events related to the bird is able to provide insights specific to your spiritual path.

So what I am saying, is the sight of a bird may indicate that advantageous changes or expansions are imminent and that the universe is spreading its goodwill and support.  Whenever a bird sits near you or even flys over you, it could signify a desire to have greater independence in life --- or a visit from a loved one. I also believe it is expansion as well as exploration of new horizons in your life. It will enable you to attain new heights in your spiritual journey, and hence take hold of your potential.

Birds such as doves are universal symbols of peace and new beginnings - I’m sure you have seen these at weddings as they represent love as well as peace. They have been significant in many cultural mythologies and religious texts, often connected to purity and divine intervention. On the other hand, some birds are not so positive - for example, an appearance of a crow might be viewed with mixed emotions; while often associated with death and mystery, they can also symbolize transformation and the unveiling of life's problems. I remember seeing a load of crows outside a prison because crows are supposed to be focused on negative energy.

As I highlighted above, various myths and legends describe birds as messengers from deities or spirits, bridging the gap between the mortal world and the divine. By paying attention to these visits, you can gain insights into YOUR spiritual journey and the messages shared through these feathered messengers.

Before we go any further I want to share specifically the most common birds and what they mean:

  • Eagle: Often seen as a symbol of power and freedom, I remember listening to a podcast about how we should aim to be the eagle, it’s ability to soar high in the sky represents a connection to the divine and a higher state of consciousness. Seeing an eagle during the day may indicate YOUR need to rise above life's challenges and view situations from a broader perspective.
  • Robin: The robin is one of my most frequent visitors to my garden and is connected to a new start. I always see him poking out of a hole in the bush. The robin represents spring and new beginnings. Its cheerful song is said to bring joy and renewal in Scottish folklore, what this means for you if you keep seeing the robin can mean leave the past behind and embracing that fresh start. To see a robin sat on a wall or bush in your garden is a reminder that new opportunities are on the horizon.
  • Partridge: I am sure you know the song at Christmas, a partridge in a pear tree. I had two of these lovely birds living in my garden for some time. They mean peace and protection. Afterall, the partridge protects its young and this indicates passion and energy will enter your life. See a partridge in your garden is about a new start coming.
  • In the Bible, the eagle is often associated with God's protection me explain, as seen in Isaiah 40:31, where it is said, "But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles." In Greek mythology, the eagle was the sacred bird of Zeus, symbolizing power and divine kingship so when you see an eagle this is a “sign” of protection and that you will see signs of the future.
  • Sparrow: In my research seeing a sparrow in your garden equals - humility and protection, the sparrow is often connected with the fact you may encounter some spiritual insights. Sparrows often appear when you are likely to do something in the community and need support from those around you.
  • Peacock: I love these birds, and when you see one you normally have to step back a while, just to look at it’s vibrant and colorful feathers, the peacock (to me) represents beauty, royalty, and immortality. In some cultures, the peacock is also considered a protector against evil spirits. Seeing a peacock when you don’t expect it encourages you to embrace your own inner beauty and show it to the world. Often, when you see this sign it means good things are on their way.
  • Hawk: This is the key messenger of the spirit world, the hawk is often connected to vision and intuition. Its amazing eyesight represents the ability to see the truth and make decisions with clarity and precision. So yes, this means you need to uncover a “truth.” Hawks pop up to encourage you to stay focused and pursue your goals with determination.
  • Swan: If you saw a swan on a river or in a video this is a massive spiritual symbol of grace, beauty, and transformation. In my research, they often represent the journey of personal growth and spiritual awakening. Swans encourage YOU to trust the process of change and embrace the beauty that comes with it. The story of the "Ugly Duckling" transforming into a beautiful swan highlights the themes of self-discovery and embracing one's true self.
  • Blue Jay: The blue jay is all about communication, curiosity, and intelligence. It is believed to be a bold and fearless bird that is a sign from your spirit team to speak about truth and stand up for what you believe in. Seeing a blue jay may be a sign to trust in our own abilities and be confidence in your actions. Especially, if you have been suppressed by someone recently.
  • Hummingbird: The hummingbird is about communication -  its ability to hover and move quickly, the hummingbird represents joy, love, and resilience. It reminds YOU to seek out the sweetness in life and to remain adaptable in the face of challenges. Hummingbirds urge you to savor the present moment and find joy in the simple things.
  • Raven: In my view, the Raven is in no doubt associated with mystery and magic, the raven is seen as a powerful symbol of transformation and introspection. In many traditions, ravens are considered to be guardians of secrets and are connected to the otherworld. Seeing a raven may prompt one to look inward and seek deeper understanding.
  • Pelican: The pelican in my view have the most amazing beak - which is so long. Seeing this bird spiritually is a symbol of sacrifice and nurturing. In various myths, the pelican is known to provide for its offspring even at its own expense. This bird encourages us to show compassion and care for others, emphasizing the importance of selflessness in our spiritual journey. As water birds I also feel that this is about emotions in life.
  • Owl: Owls as you know from childhood fairy tales they are often associated with wisdom, intuition, and the ability to see beyond the surface. They are known for their keen vision and ability to navigate the darkness. Hearing an Owl or seeing one encourages you to trust our instincts and seek knowledge that lies beneath the obvious.
  • Goldfinch: I saw one of these on the field recently, being really small and really native to Europe, spiritually seeing a goldfinch in folklore books means money is coming, beauty, vision, and immortality. Its cool colours and striking appearance is there to remind us to embrace our unique qualities and to shine brightly without fear.
  • Hawk: You know the saying “watched like a hawk” in my view a hawk is a symbol of focus, clarity, and higher perspective. As birds of prey with crazy (cool) vision, they appear from your spirit team to hep you focus on goals and to view situations from a broader perspective. Seeing a hawk is often a sign to be observant and attentive to the messages around us.
  • Pigeon: In Christianity, the pigeon, is frequently associated with the Holy Spirit, embodying divine presence, guidance, and purity. I myself read somewhere they are flying rats. I also remember watching a video on TikTok of a women that kept them as pets. They are messangers. This pigeon's gentle nature and tendency to breed for life also make it a symbol of loyalty and enduring love.
  • Blue Tit: Normally yellow and green, yet really small, they are recognized as symbols of peace, love, and harmony. They are often seen as messengers of hope and renewal. There are a few doves in my garden every morning,  encourage us to foster peaceful relationships and to approach life with a loving heart.
  • Falcon: Seeing a falcon is about life changes, afterall it is known for its speed, agility, and grace. It means action, leadership, and victory. Falcons are sent to you to inspire you to be decisive, to take swift actions towards our goals, and to lead with confidence and integrity.
  • Greenfinch: this lovely little bird normally in the garden represents freedom, power, and spiritual enlightenment. It’s ability to sing suggests a sort of higher consciousness and reaching your fullest potential. 
  • Penguin: The spiritually meaning of a penguin (not in batman)  are symbol of adaptability, unity, and perseverance. They thrive in harsh freezing conditions by working together and supporting each other. Penguins encourage us to stay resilient in the face of challenges and to value the power of community.
  • Flamingo: Pink menas love spiritually, and that means that seeing a flamingo with it’s large legs can suggest balance, grace, and vibrancy. Known for standing on one leg, flamingos spiritually  are about balance in your live and to appreciate the beauty and joy in everyday leiving.
  • Cardinal: The cardinal is a lovely songbird, I remember listening to one in my garden for hours - this is often seen as a symbol of life, hope, and renewal. Its bright red color reminders of the importance of vitality and optimism. Cardinals encourage YOU to remain steadfast and hopeful, even during difficult times.
  • Seagull: They can be a bit scary, I remember one swooping down and trying to eat my chips. Seagulls represent freedom, adaptability, and preparedness to steal to make it. They are comfortable both on land and at sea, which means the ability to navigate different worlds. Seeing Seagulls suggest being more open-minded, and to explore new opportunities but watch out for someone to cross you! 
  • Woodpecker: They keep pecking until they get what they want! If you see or hear a woodpecker it is a symbols of wisdom, intuition, and mystery. Often associated with ancient knowledge and deep insight, they remind YOU to trust your inner voices and seek understanding beyond the surface. 
  • Parrot: Parrots spiritually are symbols of communication (as they communicate), strength, and lightness of being. In Native American legends, the parrot is often seen as a healer and bringer of love.
  • Canary: Canaries are symbols of happiness, vitality, and freedom. If you have ever heard a canary sing (it is amazing) and the bright yellow color brings a sense of joy and lively energy. Historically, canaries were used in coal mines to detect harmful gases, meansing their role as protectors and harbingers of safety.
  • Finch: Finches in my view are all about energy, playfulness, and happiness. Their colorful feathers and lively behavior remind you to embrace life's joys and remain positive and optimistic. In ancient Egyptian culture, the finch was associated with the soul’s journey and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Heron: Herons represent patience, balance, and determination. Their wierd hunting style and calm presence by water bodies signify the importance of waiting for the right opportunities. Herons are seen in various mythologies as symbols of self-reliance and the pursuit of one’s goals with perseverance.
  • Doves: are universally recognized as symbols of peace, love, and purity. Within the context of Christianity, the dove is especially significant, representing the Holy Spirit, as seen during the baptism of Jesus, where the Holy Spirit descends "like a dove" (Matthew 3:16). In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, doves were sacred to Aphrodite and Venus, goddesses of love, signifying beauty and tranquility. Their gentle nature and soothing coos make them enduring emblems of harmony and affection. Biblically speaking in the story of Noah's Ark highlights a dove returning with an olive branch, signifying the end of the flood and God's promise of renewal. Similarly, in Greek mythology, doves were sacred to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, symbolising purity and beauty.
  • Phoenix: I was not too sure to put this on the list, but the phoenix is a mythical bird that represents resurrection and immortality (and it is not real). In Egyptian mythology, the Bennu bird, often linked to the phoenix, symbolises the sun's cycle and rebirth. The story of the phoenix rising from its ashes mirrors (if you have heard of this) indicates your own renewal in a situation. You may see this ok Instragram, Tiktok or just on a film or even dream of a phoenix.
  • Swallows: Spiritually in my view seeing a swallows is generally seen as messengers of hope and regeneration. In the Bible, they are a symbol of freedom and deliverance, often mentioned in Psalms. Swallows also play a significant role in ancient Egyptian lore, where they are believed to carry the souls of the departed, ensuring their safe passage to the afterlife.
  • Crane: Cranes are birds that embody longevity, happiness, and good fortune in numerous cultures around the world. In Japanese and Chinese folklore, they are considered a symbol of immortal life and are believed to carry lost souls to paradise. The graceful and elegant crane often appears in art, dance, and literature, representing peace and fidelity. The tradition of folding a thousand origami cranes, known as Senbazuru, is thought to grant the folder a special wish, underscoring the crane’s auspicious reputation.
  • Kingfisher: The color blue of the kingfisher to me, says that there is healing involved in this bird. It is all about understanding your intuition in life. The Polynesians believed that the kingfisher was a bird that was sacred. It is about taking back your own power in life.
  • Ostrich: I always associate the ostrich with riches and wealth because its about thinking on your feet. If you are feeling disconnected in life the ostrich symbol comes to tell you to connect to your spiritual guides.

What does it mean to see a bird in your garden spiritually?

Seeing a bird in your garden can be a deeply spiritual experience I have already hinted above that birds are considered messengers between the earthly realm and the divine. The signs of a bird may signify a message from the spiritual world or a sign of future blessings. 

I have outlined a lot above, what you need to know is that each bird not only carries its specific symbology but also spiritually means things based on your spiritual realms. Observing these birds in your garden can thus become a moment of reflection, providing guidance or affirmations in your own spiritual journey.

These birds, each with their own profound symbolism and storied pasts, contribute to the rich tapestry of human culture and belief. By reflecting on their roles in various traditions, we can gain insights into the values and aspirations of the societies that celebrate them. From wisdom and insight to peace and immortality, the avian world offers an abundance of inspiration and lessons.

What can you learn from birds in our world?

I remember going to the art gallery and seeing many birds in oil paintings. Their elegance in flight, vibrant colors, and songs have made them a favored subject for painters, sculptors, poets, and authors. For instance, I have a booked by John James Audubon "The Birds of America", the meticulous illustrations capture the beauty and diversity of bird species in the United States. If you don’t own it then I encourage you to take a peek. Audubon's work is not the only instance of birds prominently featuring in the arts. William Wordsworth's poems frequently celebrate the beauty and song of birds, using them as symbols of freedom and the natural world's restorative power. And let’s not forget, Vincent van Gogh's painting "Wheatfield with Crows" showcases crows as a massive spiritual sign, adding emotional depth to the landscape. Similarly, Pablo Picasso's "Dove of Peace" has become an emblem of hope and reconciliation throughout the world. 


What does seeing a dead bird mean?

I always see dead birds before a “major” event in my life. A dead bird may indicate the end of a stage or circumstance in your life, urging you to let go of what no longer serves you and embrace the upcoming transformation. This can be a powerful reminder that endings are often necessary for new beginnings to flourish. As I have outlined above each bird species carries its unique symbolism and energy, and by paying attention to their behavior and appearance when you see them you can read the messages they bring. For instance, a dead dove may represent the end of peace and love, while a dead crow might signify being stuck in life, in that you can’t change because things are in your way. 

What does birds mean in folklore?

I really don't need to say this as I am sure you are aware, that birds have featured prominently in mythology and folklore from cultures around the world. They are often seen as metaphors or symbols conveying intricate human emotions, divine connections, and historical narratives. For example, in Greek mythology, the phoenix (as I have mentioned before) is a powerful symbol of resurrection and immortality, mirroring the themes of new beginnings and eternal life. Similarly, the ancient Egyptians revered the ibis, as it was associated with Thoth, the god of wisdom and writing. 

In Norse mythology, Odin, the all-father, is always accompanied by two ravens, Huginn and Muninn, who represent thought and memory. These birds journey around the world, bringing back valuable information to their master. Birds also feature prominently in Native American mythology where the eagle is often seen as a sacred messenger that speaks to the Great Spirit on behalf of the people.

Each culture's stories about birds offer crazy insights into how humans have sought to understand and interpret the natural world. These lovely stories and freaky instances underscore the reverence that birds inspire and their integral role in life. Birds also fly through the pages of folklore and fairy tales, often having magical properties or being portrayed as companions to heroes and heroines. The Nightingale, for example, appears in Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, indicating the healing power of music and natural beauty. The raven in Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven" epitomizes melancholy and loss, casting a dark, haunting shadow over the narrative. In contrast, William Wordsworth's "To the Skylark" celebrates the joy and freedom embodied by the lark's soaring flight and melodious song. Similarly, in Maya Angelou's autobiography, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings", the caged bird tells the struggle for freedom and the resilience of the human spirit.

Through these varied weird stories --- I want to let you know here that, birds (from our childhood) have provided inspire and captivated, connections between humanity and our world.

Final thoughts

So here I am going to close on this. I hope I have outlined the key spiritual meanings of birds. Look for the message in every crisis. Every crisis brings some gift to help you feel whole. It doesn't mean you would choose to live with the hell you're experiencing. It just means you gain a lot whenever you let go, think about what the bird means for you, is it a loved one? Is it a sign from your spirit team? Only you know.

By Florance Saul
May 18, 2024