Spiritual Meaning Of Arms

Arms Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual Meaning Of Arms

Arms naturally help us to get about, they help us to lift things and the arm can be seen as an extension of us. If you are experiencing any type of “pain” in the arms then this is about giving something to someone, and this signifies that you are looking at a situation in life, and the different arms are connected to how you embrace things in life. The left arm is about self-doubt so if you have injured the arm this is about starting from the beginning in something in life. There are so many folklore and traditions which associate arms with being a hero in life. I like to think of arms (spiritually) as the hero inside us. 

What is the spiritual meaning of arms?

Keep that in mind the next time you reach out to grab something. What you're reaching for might be a piece of your powerful path. Cultures around the world believe that our arm has so many spiritual meanings. The arm spiritually isn't just about moving or an arm-wrestling match; it goes way deeper than that. I remember my friend called me once to say she hurt her arm and that we don’t realize how important our arms are until we can’t use them. 

When you're gearing up for something big in life you may want to think about your actions and focus on what is blocking you. When I was reading about arms and what they mean spiritually, the Chinese believed that arms are about being a hero in life. The Chinese believe our arms are connected to the metal element, and what this means is being tough as nails and bouncing back like a boss.

In Buddhism, your right arm is like your own moral compass pointing you to the 'right action' and the left arm is about where you are headed in life. Have you ever heard of the Eightfold Path, that road map to finding your inner zen? Well, if you hurt any of your arms in any way according to Buddha this is about the  'right action' on your life path.

What does the right arm mean spiritually?

The right arm is connected to wild stories and symbols from all over the world. If you have problems with your right arm in life this can stand for strength, determination, and the power we have behind our actions. The right arm is the strength and is connected to flexing in your day-to-day life. If you have broken your right arm then this can mean there is something that has loads of problems around you, stretching back a long time, and the right arm broken means that it is quite clear that this person will be asking for help.

What do aching arms mean spiritually?

When your arms are hurting after carrying your backpack/ or bags, it might not be just about the weight. It could be a spiritual sign you're carrying way too much emotional baggage for others, like soaking up all your friend's dramas (yes we have all had them). Apart from a medical reason -- it could be spiritually time to drop some of that weight and look after yourself.

Okay, so your arm's been hurting in the day and it's not just because you've been texting non-stop or carrying those shopping bags then it could mean that you need to take it easy. Sometimes, our bodies speak a whole different language, and it's kinda like they're trying to send us secret messages from the universe.

Now, what about a pain in the right arm? Well, the Chinese believe this is connected to being metal which means you need to be focused. This it is the universe's way to push you to take action. Sometimes discomfort and pain are our arms way of waving “red flags” and asking for a timeout to rest. If the left arm aches then this is about your strength in life, but there is something that maybe you can’t link at the moment or something feels off. If the left arm is aching spiritually it could be something medical of course but spiritually it is normally about gathering things in life.


By Florance Saul
Mar 3, 2024