Do spells work?

A spell is a creative act practiced by a Witch or Pagan or anyone of a magickal or Earth based traditional standpoint, in which the practitioner understands the role which they play in creating their own universe and reality.

When one takes this responsibility into their being, they are capable of doing a great many things.

Individuals who follow this belief system, enjoy to create their reality by casting spells (similar to magickal prayers or acts of desire) in order to acquire what they would like to have in their life.

Spells can be worked on any number of aspects of life, be it love, marriage, abundance, attraction, weight loss and the like. All one needs to do is focus on what the heart desires above all else and then put that intensity to work.

The Mental and spiritual energy invoked by physical means that can be words or written script that direct spirits or elementals to do specific things or request a change of some kind from the universe. 

The spell is in essence a great tool. It is important to understand the laws of the different phases involved in planning spell operation.

Do spells work?

If we look at the scientific and industrial advancements in life we can look at the phenomena of spells. Psychic abilities and power have always been associated with the unknown. In modern times, the environment has changed. There are scientists that  have conducted much investigation on whether spells actually work. Witches, have actively put their own psychic abilities on the table for many years. The rituals conducted by witches are referred to as spells. There are many people in the world that shun this phenomena. The good news is there is a massive amount of research has been carried out into spells which show if properly conducted can work.

Do love spells work?

One must work within "spell" laws in order to look at the results of the spell and whether they work. This is a paradox that the witch must learn. Sometimes people carry out love spells and they don’t appear to work. There is a factor that we need to consider in that we can’t force somebody to love us. If it is supposed to happen it will do so. Spouse are not superstitious or just a fad they are in fact an effective methodology to achieve great results.

Spell working is very much focused on levels of reality. Understanding the various laws and the interactions on different levels. This spells can be classified as occult philosophy.  This means that they can be conducted in many different ways:  astral projection, mental stimulation, spiritual and physical.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012