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Skyclad directly refers to a person who enjoys conducting a ritual in the nude.

There is a sacredness associated with being Skyclad during a ritual, as the neopagan movement began to gain speed in the 1970's, the practitioners greatly desired to have lots of freedom spiritually and emotionally as well as physically.

Therefore the act of practicing nudity in Wicca is an exceptionally freeing experience which separates pagans and witches from the somewhat sequestered as well as conservative restrictions of the Christian belief system.

Some covens or traditions require the participants to be skyclad during ritual because it promotes a certain honesty within the group which is believed necessary to be perpetuated at all time.However, most covens are open to allowing the comfort of the practitioner to be of key importance.

Being naked while performing magic is often considered a life changing experience. It is associated with not only freedom but also the hope of being accepted by the psychic realm. Many practitioners who carry out rituals in a naked form do so because they want to honor their body in order to awaken the inner energy of awareness.

It is very much like connecting to the spirit from a personal viewpoint. Many practitioners believe that the body is a temple and we should care for our human body on this earth.

If we look now elemental magic, this is basically a guided form of rituals, rites, and meditations. Being nude is also associated with being sacred. It has been used by many wise practitioners for centuries.

It is really focused on accepting our own mind. Using our body and spirit together so that we can fully engage in any type of magical activity without any reservations. Spiritual nudity is often performed in order to carry out rituals that are associated with understanding the divine. It is generally used to awaken the chakras.

Many people have found that when carrying out grounding and centring rituals being naked prevents any negative forces that stand in the way.

Grounding Meditations are normally associated with seeing the roots growing from your feet. Burrowing down into the Earth's core. If you would like to learn more about grounding, we do have a section on grounding sample meditation within the occult dictionary.

Being naked in rituals is also important to align and balance yourself energetically.

The rituals performed will help cleanse and open up any energetic areas of your body. Many meditations focus on the solar plexus chakra. This is much easier to visualize if one is naked.

Seeing yourself surrounded by white light is also a great meditation to carry out when naked. The most prevalent part of spiritual nudity is to connect through breathing in peace and white light. Being nude in the woods also allows one to have a deep connection to the nature around them. It is difficult to describe to one if they have not experienced being outdoors while naked conducting rituals.

If we now turn to clothes - these are often seen as a barrier and can be offensive depending on what is worn. Many people do not feel comfortable being nude. If you are reading this article then obviously you have considered practicing rituals in a nude state. It is important that you have the right mental condition to prevent any risk of being unenlightened by the experience. Before we close this article it is important just to outline the benefits of conducting magic in a nude state.

  • Crystals can be used upon the body to align various energies.
  • In a nude state, we are more connected to the spiritual realm.
  • Meditation or work in nature will become more forceful if we ourselves natural.

We hope you enjoyed this article and that next time you carry out a ritual you will try nudity so that clothing will not hinder you from feeling a deep connection. Thank you for reading and if you like this article please could you click the like button below in order to support us.

By Flo Saul
Oct 2, 2012