Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

The concept of shielding goes back as far as the human creative spirit has been in existence.

It is the belief that one has power over their environment by creating protective energy around them, either through the belief in a god form or energy which is above or larger than humanity in a spiritual sense or through the harnessing of ones own personal energies.

It is the act of using the powers of one’s mind to stop the penetration of other’s thoughts, directions, or perceptions to influence the self. Shielding or casting protective energies is commonly used to protect the self, the home, the car or property.

When one creates a protective magickal circle one is perpetuating carving out a magickally protected space by blessing the area and charging it with positive energies. The protective boundary is placed around the object or piece of property in order to be magickally protected so that the work can go uninterrupted and uninfluenced.

When the work is complete, one would take the circle down in the reverse manner which it was constructed. Often shielding can last anywhere from one week, 1 month or three months depending on the intensity one intended when casting the shield.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012