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Scrying is a divinatory technique used by many different kinds of pagans and some non-religious individuals using a piece of painted black glass or a pool of water in a dark bowl.

The goal of scrying is to be able to receive a communication from the otherworld. This could come in the form of a message from an ancestor or wisdom teacher or a family or friend who has passed away. The concept is that by staring for a significant amount of time in meditation at something which does not technically have much of a reflection, will cause the eyes to relax enough and lose their responsibility over seeing what is all around them all of the time.

In this relaxed state, the eyes will become a receiver only, which will make it possible for other deities or entities to come through and present wisdom or information which a person might be desiring.

This is a skill which must be practiced in order for it to work and should always be completed in a protective circle so as to prevent confusion of different energies that might already be present in any preconceived location.

Scrying is associated with creating a physical sense, a real psychic ability by using various tools that will help release the unconscious mind.

It is important to understand the levels of consciousness that are required. One would normally see various visual images, but it is also possible to see not only pictures but also experience smell, sense and touch.

Many have often said they smell flowers and flavors in the air from spirit. There are many senses that we possess, and the mind alone can carry out psychic visualizations.

Think about it very much like watching the television. You're not scrying because the image in front of you is there. Of course, the program may have been filmed many years or weeks before you actually see it on the screen.

In addition, the filming of the event could be in a foreign country. The same goes for scrying, think of it as a telephone call to another dimension.

Scrying does not happen in the dream state. This is because we are in the "unconscious" and the visions that are received within the dream are not controlled. This is a form of clairvoyance rather than scrying.

The difference is that scrying is connected with how we approach visualization. If we look at the practice of psychometry, this is when we hold an object and have visualizations or senses regarding the object, is defined as a form of supplying us with energies and connections. This is because we are deliberately trying to understand the visualizations from the object.

Telepathy can also be defined as a form of scrying, in particular when one is trying to connect to the emotional levels of another human. It is clear that this is scrying because this information is not available through our human body it is only connected through our own intuitions and senses.

Telepathy is a form of connection between one's mind and the minds of another. Another type of scrying is using a drowsy rod. This is because the movement of the rod is associated with messages into our mind.

The Ouija board is also considered a type of scrying, additionally automatic speaking and writing. Divination using the tarot cards is not considered scrying. This is due to the fact that we have to interact with the cards.

How does scrying work?

In order to understand how this psychic phenomenon works we need to look at the literal meaning of the word. Taking the word "scry", this is associated with the use of one's sight.

It is important to note that in scrying we only see images in our mind, not through our eyes. If we look at dreams, these are images that appear in our subconscious mind which are in fact an illusion.

The eyes when dreaming are generally closed not open. If we look at an image in daylight we see this as a moving object, additionally sounds and light travel through in order to form the picture. If we look at scrying, this will happen, but it is but the image itself in our mind.

There are types of scrying work that can be segmented into both sensory and motor scrying.

If we look at the sensory type of scribing, this is associated with visions coming into the mind. There is nothing that we need to do apart from concentrate. The following can be considered sensory scrying: mirror gazing, fire watching, lamps scrying, candles scrying, Ink scrying, oil scrying, crystal gazing, aura reading, shell hearing, dream scrying and psychometry.

The following are considered motor scrying: drowsy rod, automatic writing, drawing, speaking, Ouija boards and pendulum.

As you can see from above, there are different types of scrying that can be defined into both motor and sensory. The psychologists have segmented scrying into these two parts.

Let's for now, consider the moon in scrying. The moon has long been considered a connection between our physical, spiritual world. The moon is considered important within the astral plane. This significant dimension of reality exists in our world to ensure that visions are perceived during a scrying session.

The reason the moon is important is because many materials in ancient times have been historically lunar materials. These can include things like silver rings, hazel wands, and crystals.

The reason why the moon is mentioned in this context is because it is important to recognize lunar connection when carrying out scrying. By understanding the changing rhythms of the moon, it will make scrying more successful. Try not to carry out scrying when the moon encounters a waxing. Scrying works best when there is a full moon.

In conclusion, scrying means we enter a higher state of consciousness.

This is very similar to being hypnotized. The mind is open and waiting for visualizations from the spirits above. We may wish to use scrying to understand what someone is thinking or alternatively finding an object we have lost.

The conscious mind works amazingly well but as mentioned one may find difficulties in the early stages of practice. A true scryer can "scry" with nothing but the mind. The tools such as the Ouija board, or dowsing tool can help aid the scrying process - but a true scryer does not need anything! Please like us on Facebook to support our future work of bringing you the best psychic information.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012