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The best salt to be used is either sea salt or Kosher salt. Salts which are pure as they are said to absorb negative energies very fast or even take them away in case one has picked any. It can be used through:

  • Adding a sprinkle to bath water and soaking it and this way, it will pull negativity off and away from the practitioner as they soak. Baking soda can be added to revitalize or even help the salt regain energy which is lost.
  • Some salt can be placed in a glass of water and be left the glass on the working table or in a room where people frequent. It will help in absorbing negative energies. The water has to be changed every month or after any quarrel or argument.
  • Salt is diluted into a spray of mineral or spring water and a mist is sprayed into the air of any room which the practitioner feels has been overloaded with too much negativity or in which fights or argument have occurred. It will automatically make the environment feel lighter, airy and pure again. It can be combined with the burning of sage in order to cleanse and clear the area.

Affirmation and Prayer

Prayers and affirmation have been used for a very long time alongside sale - as they are thought to build positive energies which strengthen the other protections and a layer of defense is added to the system of human energy. A prayer which is said after the use of any other psychic shielding normally acts to strengthen it. For affirmations like “no weapon formed against me shall prosper”, “Am beautifully and wonderfully made” “Am the chosen one of the Lord”, improves the energy and defense techniques. When doing the affirmation, it is advisable that it is done in the present and in the first person perspective and no negativity should be included in it, also a salt circle is often drawn to protect the practiciner.

Angels can also be asked for protection by invoking them using salt in the four corners of a room. The notion behind the invocation is that the angels cannot help or intervene for human beings unless they are invoked to do so by the practitioner who needs their help. The only exception is when a person’s life is in danger, the rule is automatically broken and the angels come to their aid without any invocation.

Blue Shield or Blue Bubble

The technique is built around the belief that, people can surround themselves mentally with either a shield or a bubble which will absorb or reflect negativity so that they don’t have to feel the full force of it. The salt should be seen as a blue/white color as this associated with the throat chakra, which represents the willpower; combined with visualization of the shield of the bubble, it is strengthened.

It can be combined with the white light to make it more effective. This technique can work especially well for people who don’t feel comfortable in crowds as they can build a shield which will protect them and make them feel comfortable and protected from any negativity.

Salt is used in many rituals as a form of protection.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 22, 2017