Psychic Vampires

Psychic Vampires

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

A psychic vampire is a living person who drains others emotionally metaphorically or empathically.

Empathically, they drain the auric life force out of one’s life; metaphorically, they take the emotions of someone without giving anything back, they use others emotionally.

They are different from the blood-sucking vampires of the folklore and the ones seen in movies. If one is in a healthy relationship, there is a healthy exchange of energy between the people, but if it is unhealthy, then one becomes a psychic vampire.

When an attack by vampire happens, the person who is attacking receives an upsurge of energy while the one being attacked feels drained. Most of this psychic vampires do it unknowingly.

How It Happens?

In normal circumstances, someone is born and taken care of until they are an adult to take care of themselves. If the process doesn’t happen that way, one grows into an adult who still looks for the outside world to meet their needs on each and every level. They become mistresses and masters at hunting for energies through a variety of means; anger, charm, desperation, presenting themselves as victims, and pleading for help are some of the methods which the psychic vampires use to drain others of their energy.

The journey to adulthood enables one to grow boundaries which is healthy and if this doesn’t happen, one can find themselves being driven by other people’s demands and dramas. The spiritual approach is to look into what is happening to the energy drain rather than what is happening in the physical perspective.

How to Counter a Psychic Vampire

One is not supposed to take it personally as it is not about oneself but about energy drain. The psychic vampire will always be on a mission to hunt for energy from others who can meet their needs as long as they are not in a position to meet it. They will drain one dry and they always use the tactic of draining those who are not in the dynamic until they transform and become conscious.

It is important to also understand where the psychic vampires are coming from, thus it is important to think of them as scared kids in the form of an adult body who are trying to make a way for themselves in this world.

Get to know that, it is not the self who is supposed to meet the psychic vampire’s needs and demands, all one needs to do is to be compassionate about why they need what they are looking for.

It is important to look inside if one finds that they are having a psychic vampire. Re-examining self might bring out the why in why it is a self who finds people coming for help or spotting people’s problems before even they talk about it. Changing beliefs might just the thing one needs to change all that.

There is the importance of one’s focus and learning to use it economically which means, a situation should be given just what it requires and nothing more. For example, while driving to work, if someone makes your dress dirty, one has an option of complaining about it all day and spoil the entire day or going to the washroom, cleaning it up and continuing with the daily routine as if something never happened.

Avoiding negative friends, this saves one’s energy due to the fact that, when people are next to each other, there is a flow of energy between them and if one is surrounded by negative people, the chances that they will be drain of their positive energy due to absorbing the negative from their friends is very high.

It is important to avoid always being sucked into dramas, searching endlessly for love, looking for validation, approval and even concentrating on what others think about self as this are signs that one is turning into a psychic vampire.

In case this is spotted, it is important to pause and do an inner check to find out if whatever is happening is coming from an inner self that is scared and learns to take care of self. It is important to be caring and loving to the inner self; being conscious about the inner self is the road to recovery from being a psychic vampire.

Psychic vampires love drama and they use every opportunity they have to cause chaos and then blame everything on someone else on their problem without taking responsibility for their actions. They are fond of dropping negative energy and sitting back and watch the impact of what they have just done; they enjoy being at the center of the drama.

A psychic vampire is a behavior which comes from a deeper emotional need and it can be changed if the person starts loving themselves and trusting in the process life. In most cases, it is all about unsatisfied childhood issues and one lacking a role model which then hinders the development of a whole person to get hold of the energy of life via non-destructive means. Such people can manipulate or even force them to give out unnecessary attention and in the process, leave them drained and weakened while the psychic vampire feels satisfied and reenergized for their actions.

Controlling another human being leads to the controller – who in this case is a psychic vampire, absorbing their energy and getting a sense of motivation and gratification to continue with the vice. They become addicted to it, becoming even more demanding and lacks control in their effort to absorb more energy from others. In the end, everyone around them feels drained and wasted while they feel re-energized.

Symptoms That One Has a Psychic Attack

  • Irritability.
  • Diminishing aura.
  • Depressed mood.
  • Physical illness.
  • Dizziness.
  • Sleep disturbances.
  • Loss of energy.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Muscle tension.
  • Headaches.
  • Mental confusion.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 22, 2017