Psychic Shielding

Psychic Shield

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Psychic shielding is a method used to defend against energies as it an energy construct which is formed around the physical body that protects both the mental and physical of a person.

It works because it is programmed to either reflect or absorb psychic energies. Programming is all about putting one’s intention into energy in order to instruct it to perform a specific task. The psychic shield makes one immune to psychic attacks. The following methods can be used for psychic shielding: Use of White Light : It is the most well-known technique in metaphysical and new age realms which involves white light or light energy. One is surrounded by the white light of eternal protection and love and it is a technique which has been there from time immemorial. For those who don’t know how to do it, these are the basics of how it can be done:

  • One to picture themselves in the center of a light bulb and visualize that it is turned on, while they stand in the middle of a shower which can be either real or imagined, the water should be seen or felt turning into light.
  • From there, one should visualize an angel hovering over them and the light radiating from around it and around them.

It is believed that the white light is important as the being in it raises the practitioner’s vibration and making it less likely that they will encounter those who are choosing to follow the lower path of vibration, thus the negativity. It also helps in neutralizing the negative vibration which manages to make themselves into their aura.

Physical Body Position

Sitting with legs and arms is crossed is a body position which is very important as it acts to close off any human circuits and protects against any chakra energy points which will all depend on where the arms are crossed. If one is near someone who is pulling their energies, it is important that they sit down calmly, cross their legs and arms and listen. There will be no effect on their energies and eventually the persons with negative energy will tire or feel drained as they will not be getting any energy from the practitioner while they are already exhausted themselves.

How do you use mirrors in occult work?

Mirrors have been in use for quite a long time in helping raise psychic awareness and the idea lies in the visualization. This should be done when the mirror is facing outwards so that the energy is reflected away from the practitioner. The mirror can be placed on someone else in order to act as a form of operational conditioning with the reflective surface facing inward towards that it is placed on.

Protective Symbols in Occult Work

 There are several forms of symbols which are used for protection as psychic shielding and it will only work if the practitioner has a belief in the symbolic. The symbol will automatically act to strengthen the subconscious mind, thus, be added as a measure of protection and defense. Symbols like a cross or crucifix, pentagrams, cow and much more are used for the purpose of psychic shielding.

By Florance Saul
Feb 22, 2017