Psychic Awareness

Psychic Awareness

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

Awareness is what differentiates between psychics and non psychics.

It is the understanding of human consciousness and having the full potential of the mind. Everyone is a psychic, we all use the abilities of seeing the future and know it as intuition. It is easy to develop psychic awareness as one only needs to become aware of their unique psychic intuitive abilities; the awareness will then build up in life.

The word “Psyche” comes from a Greek word which translates to “The breath of life”. Psychic in Greek also has a meaning, “of the soul, mental.”

How to Develop the Self-Consciousness?

Whatever thought comes to one’s mind every moment they breathe, attention should be paid to the mind and intuition. Give it the recognition - if one does then more doors will be opened for more intuition information to flow.

Psychic information comes from nowhere and if one happens to experience a feeling, image, thought or any other sense of strangeness and they are not sure why they are supposed to ask themselves calmly think about why you are experiencing a certain situation in life.

It is important to rest as one tires very fast during psychic intuition due to energy drain; one will become tired both emotionally and physically. It is advisable for one to get enough sleep in order to make the head clear and ready for more psychic information.

If one finds themselves feeling tired, confused or even down, they are advised to stop accessing their intuition, lie down, take a nap or just meditate as this will give them a chance to recharge and feel better.

Research is very important. One is advised to do a lot of research on various types of psychic abilities and senses. When they learn about these abilities, they will be able to recognize their particular psychic intuition which is exhibiting. From there, it is time to identify strong points and what type of ability they have. When things are learned, they help one to get informed on what they are capable of doing. From there, it will require just a little effort and they will be able to do more than what they thought they could ever achieve.

Once the research is complete and one is familiar with their strong psychic points, it is time to attempt to use them in order to make one stronger. When one is ready, it is advisable that they sit comfortable and in a quiet space, relax, clear their head and invite psychic information to flow to them via their strongest psychic senses.

One can expect an image or a feeling depending on their intuition. The mind is to be kept clear and calm and see what comes to them. The calmness can even bring forth information on a particular subject one is expecting.

The more one researchs and reads about psychic awareness, the more they get information and become knowledgeable in the specific psychic awareness that one possesses. From there, it is advisable to meet others who identify themselves as psychic or have an interest in the practice. Meeting people has always been one of the best ways to practice an acquired skill and it will automatically spark one’s psychic abilities.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 22, 2017