Projective Hand

Projective Hand

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Projective hand in Wicca is someone’s most power hand.

If one uses the right hand to write, then this is referred to as their power hand and if the left hand is used then this is their projective hand. But when one is ambidextrous or uses the right /left hand then they have to perform a simple exercise to determine which hand is their true projective hand.

Energy flows through this hand out of the body. When performing the ritual, the individual’s power is envisaged as flowing out through the palm or fingertips when one wants to achieve various magical goals. It is the hand which holds magic tools such as the wand and athame.

How To Determine Projective Hand?

It will take less than 10 seconds to determine which hand is the projective hand. One is required to sit securely and fold their hands calm on their lap so that the thumb crosses over each other. The hand which is committed to the thumb that sits as expected on top of the other thumb is the projective hand.

The Receptive Hand

It is the opposite of the projective hand; for people who use their right hand, the left hand is called the receptive hand while for those people who use the left hand to write, the right hand is considered the receptive hand.  It is the one which is used to receive energy into the body.

Putting it Into Practice

Hold the two hands together, about 10 cm apart with palms held hand in hand and envisaged energy flowing from the projective hand to the receptive hand. One is able to feel the energy like a tingling or pushing of the hands apart. If there is nothing being felt, try to reduce the 10cm apart gap until something is felt.

Another exercise of testing the projective and receptive hand is holding them together as if a ball is being gripped. The projective hand should be used to visualize energy forming a ball in the hands. When the visualization is complete, move the ball from one hand to the other; it can even be thrown up in the air and caught back as if it is a real ball. When tired, the ball should be allowed to be reabsorbed by the receptive hand.

Feeling the receptive and projective hand can also be done like a grounding exercise.  The practitioner is allowed to sit calmly with their feet flat on the floor. The power hand should first of all be used to send a healing energy into the earth. One will be able to feel the energy flowing from the hand.

After a few minutes, the other hand should be used by asking it to receive the healing energy from the earth. The earth is then thanked for the experience that one has just had.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 22, 2017