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A representative guide that helps a witch or Wiccan find their path. 

Many traditions refer to those that guide us along our path by different names. Pathfinder is a generic name, for any way that a person is guided. For some this is a person or entity. For others, it can be a sigil or magickal symbol that denotes a path. 

Popular authors within the craft have also been considered Pathfinders because they have written content that has nudged a nation of individuals for over two generations onto the path of magic and pagan practices. 

These authors include: 

  • Scott Cunningham 
  • Raymond Buckland 
  • Janet & Stewart Farrar 
  • Silver Ravenwolf 
  • Starhawk 

When referring to a Pathfinder as a guide, there are a number of different types of entities that people most commonly identify with this term. While you should respect the name given to these totems or guides that are bestowed upon a faith, you can use this term if you are unsure of the proper phrasing. See below to get a more in depth list of the different kinds of pathfinders that are most likely to be referred to within pagan or occult circles. 

Animal Spirits

Native American and modern witchcraft both have their own variations of animal spirits, acting as pathfinders. For Wiccan faiths, the animal will sometimes be a representation of a goddess that their form is connected with. For example, you may see a deer or hound when being placed on the path of the goddess Diana or a swan if you are to be on the path of Zeus. Other connections are the peacock for the goddess Hera, a ram for the war god Aries, or raven for Morrigan. These animals will sometimes talk and at other times remain silent, almost as though they are waiting for you to understand their true meaning. 

Ascended Masters 

Generally, a term for energy workers and reiki professionals, ascended masters are pathfinders that reveal themselves in spirit or on the astral plane. Examples of these are prophets such as Jesus or Buddha. These spirit forms will place people on their path, usually helping a large number of people at once rather than acting as one-on-one assistants. 

Ancestral Guides 

Each generation brings new power to a family line and blood tends to make things stronger for witches and occult practitioners. Family members that have passed on can represent an ancestral link. If a deceased ancestor chooses to set you on a path, to help you find direction or guides you along the way then they are also considered a pathfinder for your magickal journey. 

Spirit Guide 

Also known as a teacher, spirit guides are perhaps the most common pathfinders that are recognized by the Wiccan faith. Spirit teachers can be sent in the form of a spirit form that resembles and entity or as a sigil that reminds you of tasks. Sometimes this spirit will be an archetypical representation or something more symbolic. These types of pathfinders will most likely represent something or someone that is familiar to you to provide you with the less or task at hand.

By Florance Saul
Feb 23, 2017