Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

Past life regression is very important as it enables one to be able to view their past experiences and lives and retain this information in order to apply it to the life that they are living now.

If one has an interest in learning more about past life regression, there is no need to go to a specialist, it is easy enough to do as a solo practice.

Many people have argued about past life experiences - and there have been several debates concerning if our past life exists. Science and technology are convinced that this is not true which is where doubts are raised - but it is an integral part of the ancient religion.

Nevertheless, there are several people who still believe in the life before the present, especially the model of past life regression. In order to heal and get a solution, past life regression is one of the best therapies that can be given to overcome fears which people are encountering in their present life, the past has to be looked into.

Though some people visit specialists in order to gain past life regression therapy, it is important to note that, this can be done by oneself and without involving other people. It can be achieved with the help of exercises in past life regression. This will help one understand their past life and hopefully gain more understanding. Past life meditation and hypnosis are normally used to help someone to reach their subconscious mind where the experiences and thoughts of the past are stored safely.

Past Life Regression in the Modern World

In our modern world, past life regression is a technique that most people are following.

Even though this is less popular in this era, past life understanding was more so popular in the 1930s. Some sceptics refer to it as fantasies, a type of confabulations, or just delusions. In most cases, it is undertaken when one needs spiritual experience or a psychotherapeutic setting. Those who practice it have beliefs about reincarnation or memories of past life.

The technique used involves placing the person under hypnosis and then asking them questions in order to reveal events and identity of the alleged past lives. When carrying out memory therapy, past life regression comes in handy too, because it is believed that, memory is a faithful recorder of previous events. But the use of questions and hypnosis might make the subject have a false or distorted view and thus, might not be reliable.

What Is Deliberation and Hypnosis?

In modern life, past life regression has become one of the best way to free oneself from trauma and distress. In order to make the process a success, hypnosis is the best method used to make the therapy work; through it, the memories of past life will come flowing in a powerful manner which will make one’s life healthy and successful.

In most cases, the root cause of past life trauma is irrational fear and that is why, when the past memories are brought to the present using hypnosis, healing starts immediately for the subject. It will bring with it crazy releases through the expression of remorse, anger, and grief. During hypnosis, there is a tendency of discovering terrible things which the subject did to others in the past life. If one is seeking a destiny or is unable to change persistent patterns of suffering, an examination of the previous lives can be used to help the solve issues.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012