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Palmistry, Chiromancy, or just simply referred to as palm reading, is something which is practiced in the world over.

Those who specialize in the art of reading the palms are normally referred to as palmists. Its origins are rooted to the Roman fortune tellers and the Indian astrologers.

When the palm is read, the objective of it all is to analyze the person’s character or future through the study of the palm. Whether one is a practicing palm reader or just curious to know how it is done, here are the steps which can be observed to make one a great palmist.

Line Deciphering

When doing palmistry, it is advisable that:

  • When working on a female’s hand, the hand on the right is what they are born with while the left hand is what they acquire as they grow. For males, the left hand, predicts what one is born with while the right-hand shows what one acquires as they grow.
  • One is at liberty to choose which hand they want to be their dominant to their present and to their past. Some palmist believes that the left hand, portrays what could be or the potential and not necessarily what will be and any difference in the hand could mean and what action one is about to take when it comes to changing their lives.

Major Lines in The Palm

There are 4 major lines in the palm, which can easily be identified. They might be bold or broken and even some people have them shorter than others. There is the heart line, the headline, the lifeline and the fate line – which is missing on some people.

The Heart Line Meaning

The line can be read from the index finger to the pinkie finger or vice versa depending on which pagan tradition is being followed. The line is an indication of depression, emotional stability, cardiac health, and romantic perspective. The basic interpretation could be:

  • If one is content with their love life, the line will automatically begin from below the index finger.
  • If one is selfish on love matters, then the line begins below the middle finger.
  • If it begins in the middle of the hand, palm, then it means one falls in love easily.
  • If it is short and straight it means one is less interested in romance.
  • If it touches the life line, then it means one is easily hearted broken.
  • If it long and curvy, it means one freely expresses their feelings and emotions.
  • If it is straight and parallel to the head- line, it means one handles emotions well.
  • If it is wavy then it means one has many lovers and relationships and is in no serious relationship.
  • If there is a circle on the line, then it means there is depression or sadness.
  • If the line is broken, then it means the person is in emotional trauma.
  • If there are smaller lines crossing the heart, it also means emotional trauma.

The Life Line Meaning

The life line is one of the main lines in palmistry. There are hands that fail to have a lifeline. This line is positioned nearest the thumb and generally has a curve.

  • Failing to have a lifeline is not a positive omen. It suggests that  misfortune and ill luck will be encountered.
  • If the line is quite curved contains no chains and is deep this indicates a positive life.
  • The thicker the line more association with physical labour. This is a positive trait to have if the bearer is interested in any physical activity as a career. They will excel in farming and building.
  • The shorter the line indicates that the bearer is associated with a shorter life due to illness.
  • If the lifeline is doubled and this suggests that the bearer has a great immune system and can recover from illness quickly.
  • The line which is chained is  associated with health that may be up and down in life. In Chinese astrology this tray also means a weaker immune system.
  • Islands  on the lifeline indicates possible  worrying times  in the bearers life which could be a possible illness or accident.

The Head Line Meaning

The Head line, sometimes referred to at the Line of Wisdom or Wisdom line is one of the most vital lines in Chinese palmistry practices, because it shows the mental and intellectual propensity for a person. Here are some details that are important to know about the Head line.

  • A deep, thin and solid line indicates intelligence and is a good sign for people to enter into the math, science and technology fields
  • A line that extends past your ring finger is considered long, indicating intelligence but one who over thinks
  • A medium line extends to the ring finer. This is average and indicates creative thinking and adaptability.
  • A short line reaches to the middle finger or less and shows a systematic approach, lack of creativity but determined focus.
  • Short lines can also indicate people who are fickle or impulsive but are good for people going into social or creative careers
  • A curved line indicates a gentile nature and if it is steep, facing downward, this shows a propensity for great creativity and inspiration

The Fate Line Meaning

The Fate line controls the timing of one’s fortune. It is the line that goes straight down your palm, usually resting at the base of your middle finger. This vertical line should not be confused with the main lines of your hand, and is an additional line that often crosses over other the two prominent horizontal lines on your hand. This line dictates the presence of career, how successful one will be and timing of your career.

Note: Many people do not have a fate line, which can be taken that you are unlikely to have a permanent job or career. You likely will not find enough interest in doing one thing or will change jobs so frequently that you will not have enough time present within a career to establish the basis of this line.

  • The point where the Fate line crosses over the head line represents your career in your mid-30s and the crossing point of the heart line is around 55 years of age.
  • Lines that start at the head or heart line indicate success in later years, after the corresponding age.
  • People that have a broken, barely-there or faint line can expect many changes within the scope of finance and career.
  • A clear, consistent and straight line indicates self-employment and is a good sign for independent workers or owning your own business.
  • A shallow line represents working too hard or being underappreciated.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012