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When it is said, Pallomancy is a divination type where a pendulum is used.

It is one of the oldest methods used to receive guidance from the spirit world. Many cultures have used the pendulum for thousands of years and it has worked for them. In the 2nd century AD, a famous Greek Artemidorous Daldianus practiced Pallomancy. The Romans, Ancient Egyptians, and Chinese culture are also known to have used the pendulum for divination purposes. In the neo-pagan era, there are people who still use the pendulum to get answers to their questions, mysteries and another day today dilemma from the spirits.

It is believed that the Vatican used a French priest Mermet to help in locating water, missing people, minerals and other items using Pallomancy. During the Second World War, the British army used Pallomancy in order to predict what Hitler’s next move was and they succeeded. During the Vietnam war, Pallomancy was used to find land mines and other underground tunnels.

Setting Up Pallomancy

It is very simple to set up a stage for Pallomancy because all one needs is a thread and a pendulum. The thread should not be more than 12 inches long and on the other end of the thread, a weight is attached.

This weight can be a crystal, a small piece of wood, a lump of metal, a ring, or even acorn. Whatever one uses is an individual decision thus it varies from one pagan to the other. There are those who believe a metal is the best material, others believe copper is number one; it is advisable to use what one feels is best for them.

One can decide to have several pendulums while others prefer just to keep one pendulum for use – this depends on the individual attachment to the one or many pendulums one has. It is advisable that, when wants to choose a pendulum, they hold it in their power hand in order to feel its vibration.

How A Pendulum Works?

After setting up a pendulum, it is now time to work with it. Some people believe that the pendulum acts as a bridge to the subconscious mind or it has a connection to one’s higher self; while others believe that it is a channel which allows the spirit guide to communicate directly to the practitioners. When it works as a spirit guide, it means that it has its own personality and only consent to be used when it is ready for that.

A pendulum is supposed to be treated with great respect as it is not a toy of sorts. There should be a strong connection between the practitioner and the pendulum in order for it to work well. This means that the two should communicate quite often in order to create a strong bond. If ignored, it will definitely leave and go without being of use to the practitioner. It works for yes or no questions.

Cleanse and consecrate the pendulum before putting it to work and then be able to ascertain where the “yes” is and where the “no” is.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 22, 2017