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It has a veneration for nature and a revival of what the ancient people practiced.

Some neo-paganism can stem their roots in the 19th-century European nationalism which includes Druids. It is not dogmatic as some of the pagans follow their own inspiration without any restriction. It is a tradition which recognizes the rich diversity of traditions which forms the modern paganism.

In simpler words, a paganism is a religion which is ancestral; it makes the ancestral religion to be alive throughout the world today even in the complex civilization like Japan and India. Paganism is the backbone of the European religion – very much alive in Egypt, Persia, Rome, and Greece.

Modern Paganism

It is not tied down to any dogmas of an established religion or ancient traditions, thus encouraging the status of individualism as it edges with a greater power. The neo-pagan shows respect for life in all its forms and there is always a desire to participate with instead of dominating other beings.

The modern movement embraces creativity and acceptance of life which is bringing a unique type of religious life and communal behavior in general; there is the presence of diversity without destruction of creativity, without chaos. Though it is an ancient revolution, it is coming up with such modernization that everyone is accepting it in its totality.

Pagan tradition is manifesting itself both as communities are reclaiming their ancient roots which include ceremonies and sites, making sure that humans are streamlined again in harmony with the earth and all that lives in it. Its practice is being carried out either as a group and as a solitary practice; everyone has a choice in the way they want to practice paganism.

According to paganism which is being practiced in the western countries, life as a whole is supposed to be affirmed with joy and without one feeling embarrassed or ashamed so long as it doesn’t harm people through its practice. Those who practice it, the pagans, seem to be more at ease and relaxed, especially the women, who seem to have more dignity than those who are outside the paganism circle. This is due to the fact that, most of their deities are deemed to be goddesses, thus the feminine finds herself being respected and also feeling respectful in her own right due to the fact that paganism doesn’t condone judging other ways of life just because it is different from what one is practicing, it has made people, especially from western cultures to embrace it as it has much to offer to them.

When they are told that, it is all about their ancestral heritage which they are trying to practice, they even love it more. Art, as it is known today, was fostered in pagan antiquity with its temples and pageants. Science development was started by the Babylonians and Greeks through the pattern of nature. Ancient is what has made modernization, what it is today, and that is what is attracting more people to the ancient religion – paganism.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 16, 2017