Pagan Standard Time

Pagan Standard Time

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It is a practice which is found in pagan communities; a practice where someone can delay up to 20 to 45 minutes over the agreed timing.

For someone who is organizing an event or hosting a ritual, it is considered rude. While it is joked about, those who find themselves always being late might find that, with time, they won’t be invited to future events.

While it might seem like a joke when it comes to pagan standard time, no one would love to host visitors who come late; it is a habit that is detested by many people. When one enters late for an event, apart from it being disrespectful, one interrupts the goings on and can make the energy which is being condensed in the circle to be disrupted (in the case of a ritual).

If it is something which is out of control that has caused the lateness, then it is understandable, but if one makes it a habit, then it becomes irritating. It is important that time is respected and one to make sure that they arrive on time by following the festival or event etiquette keenly.

Events and Festival Etiquette

Pagans just like any other people love good festivals and there are certain times of the year when they have public events all over the world where all the Druids, heathens, Wiccans, and other pagans attend. During such events, it will be wrong if the pagan standard time is observed as it will keep the rest waiting or one might come in late when the rest are in the middle of a ritual.

It is not good that just because there are no set pagan rules, you walk in any way you feel like. There are basic guidelines which all the pagans attending such ceremonies are required to follow to the latter in order to make the ceremonies a success.

During the festivals, one is supposed to:

  • To be obedient and do exactly what the event coordinator has asked them to do. Everyone is a volunteer and so if asked to help, please assist in order to make the whole ceremony a success.
  • Make sure to bring the requirements depending on what the ceremony is all about. If it is a ritual where tools are required, to save time, make sure that you carry them along with you.
  • Respect has to be observed so that the presenters can present what they have been booked for. Time is of the essence here as most of the people presenting had to part with some money in order to be booked to present what they are doing, pay attention and keep time without disrupting the entire congregation.
  • In case there is an opportunity where you can give out a donation, it is important to do so in order help in the expenses which are incurred during the function like food, site rental, presenters, and entertainment.
  • Carry enough food to last for the entire time while in attendance.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012