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Throughout the course of the human experience the knowledge of and belief in what are called Oracles has been a constant.

An oracle is a wise person, or elder of a spiritual path to whom others go to for advice and spiritual counsel. These individuals are usually able to connect to the higher source energy more efficiently than others which makes them channels for the messages from God or from the worlds which are unattainable to the normal or common individual.

In this, many religions have had prophets, such as Jesus, Buddha or the Dalai Lama to whom others pay tribute and depend on greatly for the survival of their belief systems. In smaller areas, or in villages in ancient times, this person would be known as the Wise one, or the Witch Doctor who had a way of knowing what was right and what was wrong in any given situation.

This wise person would be fully capable enough to communicate between the spirit world and with the world of the living which gives them the added perspective necessary to interpret symbols and meanings for others in the village. In Greece and Rome the term ‘frenzied women’ was common because this would describe the kind of women the society treated as oracles. Often these women would be extremely young virgins whose sacredness made it possible for God to communicate directly through them.

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So going back to ancient times, an oracle was an item or a person who was bestowed with the responsibility of providing insightful and wise guidance or premonition or prophetic prophecies of the future and which was enthused by the gods.

It is believed to be a divination of sorts. It is a word which originated from a Greek word which refers to a priest or priestess who speaks the predictions. It may also denote to the location of the oracle, and to the sounds which are produced while at the oracle site which is referred to as khrēsmoi in Greek.

They were thought to be pass through towns and were used by the gods to communicate to people thus making them dissimilar from seers.

The people who interpreted signs of the oracle were sent by the gods through various methods which included animal entrails, birds, and reincarnation. Some of the well-known Greek oracles include one which was located at Dodona in Epirus, the oracle of Dione, and the oracle of Pythia, who was the priestess of Apollo at Delhi. Other temples in Apollo that had oracles included one of the islands of Aegina and Delos, which is located in the Aegean Sea and one which is on the coast of Asia Minor, Didyma, at Bassae and Corinth in the Peloponnese.

They are all in totality called the Sibylline oracles and they are a collection of oracular expressions which are inscribed in hexameters of the Greek ascribed to the sibyls.

Its Origins

In the 2nd millennium, there are records which show the existence of oracles in the Near East and Assyria. The Goddess Wadjet of Egypt was depicted as two snake heads on a woman’s body and her oracle was a renowned temple in Per Wadget. It is thought to be the mastermind oracle which is the source of Greece’s oracle tradition. The old oracles in Greece were devoted to the Mother Goddess where she was given different names. In Dodona, she was referred to as Dione, representing the earth fertile soil, whom the PIE pantheon believed to be the chief female goddess; python was the daughter of Gala, who was the earth-dragon of Delphi.

Who Is The Pythia

The oracle of Apollo had a mouthpiece whose name was Pythia. He was not conceived to be unfillable and that is why in Greece, the exposes of the oracles were not seen as the whole truth. Due to the fact that the Apollo associated with the number seven, the prophecies from Pythia were always made on the seventh day of every month. Delphi was the major source of divination for the ancient Greeks.

For wealthy people, they went an extra mile to offer extra sacrifices to the oracles so that they please them, if their request were not answered. For them - the worship of Apollo was the center in temples where the priestess was the one who continued to provide the services of the oracle.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012