Old Religion

Old Religion

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

Term used to describe the beginning religion of the ancient people before secular religion took over.

In this, there are millions of modern day pagans and witches who find comfort in believing in a time which was simpler, more down to Earth. When modern day pagans refer to the Old Religion, they are most often referencing the age in which the Arthurian legends, pre Christian times, ruled.

When there was a lot of magic still in the lives and beliefs of others. The Old Religion focused entirely on matters of the Earth. Of planting seeds to grow and to harvest, of living through the winter, of feeding our loved ones and starting the cycle of life, death and renewal all over again without all of the modern day distractions.

Those participating in this old religion tend to have a belief in the Wheel of the Year, the cycles of life both external and internal as well as magically, spiritually and emotionally. The base religion of most modern pagans and witches that consists of worship and reverence for the Earth, living in tune with the land, and with the acceptance of magical deities (God, Goddess, Elementals etc) that assist with the daily lives of humans.

There is also a reverence and respect for the full expression of self and body, unashamed and loved which appeals to many in this overly cosmetic day and age.

Religion has been known to be a system of believing and practice beliefs and cultures, which are organized and revolves around or and sometimes lead to an excellent spiritual experience.

According to records, all cultures in human history have practiced the religion. During the olden times, it could not be distinguished from the mythology of modern days.

It is consisted rituals which is done on a regular basis and had a belief in a supernatural power which was in charge of the creation and maintenance of the world and all that is in it and even that which is beyond the world, the unforeseen other side where the souls of the dead are believed to go to.

Religion both in old and current times is about human conditions and its spiritual aspects, the creation of the world, gods, and goddesses or a monotheistic god, life after death, human being’s place in the world, how sufferings in this current world could be escaped or the next world, eternity. In the world, each nation has created its own god in its own resemblance and image.

According to written records, many people believe gods have their own sphere of influence. Even in normal life, one has to rely on different people to provide their different needs in order to achieve wholeness and be able to maintain a living.

No one single person can feel all the roles of being a doctor, a sibling, a teacher, a nurse, a mother, a father, a lover, an employer, and plumber. With this reasoning in mind, the ancient people believed that, no single god can fulfil all their different needs and there was need to have various gods for different purposes; they have gods for different purposes – a god of war, a god of love, a god of hunger etc

The various gods of the ancient religion fulfilled their specialized function and this made some gods or goddesses in some cultures to become so popular that they would surpass the ethnic understanding of diversity and adopt the title of all-encompassing and powerful, transforming a polytheistic culture into henotheism. Henotheism is worship of one god in many forms while polytheistic means the worship of many gods.

How religion originated cannot be pinpointed. All cultures have been practicing a religion for decades. It is possible that each culture developed its own religion.

Religion seems to be part of the human condition and different cultures from different parts of the world could have come to a conclusion about life independently.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012