New Age

New Age

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A modern spiritual movement that combines energy, healing, crystals, and Eastern traditions that does not consist of dogmatic teachings but rather, spiritual studies.

New Age is a term used to describe the modern spiritual movement which combines energy, healing, crystals, and Eastern traditions and do not consist of dogmatic teachings but rather, spiritual studies.

This primarily Western spiritual movement was developed in the second half of the 20th century and its primary concepts tends to draw from many different spiritual and metaphysical traditions or paths. In this, the New Age Movement attempts to create a belief system or spirituality which is not confined by dogmatic principles but instead allows the practitioners to express themselves fully in whatever belief they hold dear to their heart.

Therefore the New Age Movement is totally inclusive and usually attracts individuals who desire to have peace in their lives and the world around them. These are the environmentally conscious, the compassionate and the spiritually intelligent. A number of different sciences and spiritualties are accepted in this movement.

Self-help psychology as well as metaphysics with different ideas conceptualized such as classical pantheism, polytheism, atheism and astrology as well as the use of crystals, divination, and natural medicine for medicinal and magical purposes are common in the New Age Movement. This movement puts no restrictions on concepts of the Afterlife or spiritual beings.

The New Age Movement

When the term “New Age” is used, it refers to a well-organized movement which includes spiritual, religious and other beliefs. It was started in the 1970s by the Western Nations. It is a highly eclectic structure which differs in their emphasis. Though it is considered to be religious, members of the movement prefer to refer to it as spiritual and the term New Age is rarely used. A movement of the New Age is the name most scholars call it, though some theorist believes that this term of a movement gives it a false sense of similarity to the portent. In western cultures, it is referred to as spiritual, phenomenal, ideological, and sociological shift. It is a religion which is hostile and alien to Christianity.

The Composition of The New Age Movement

Its composition is well organized and huge which consists of thousands of trusts, groups, clubs, foundations, religious groups, and lodges whose main goal and purpose is to make sure that they prepare the world to enter the coming Age of Aquarius. Some of the organizations which are members of the New Age include; Amnesty International, California New Age Caucus, Zero Population Growth, New World Alliance, The Church Universal and Triumphant, World Goodwill, The Theosophical Society, The Club of Rome, Planetary Initiative for World We Choose, Church Universal and Triumphant, Unity School of Christianity, and Christian Science. The aforementioned list brings out the diversity of organizations operating in political, economic, and religious compasses of influence.

Though its origins stem from the Eastern religions and the occult, the movement is not unified, the traditional cult system of practices and beliefs. It has no official headquarters, leader, nor a list of membership; it is just a network which is comprised of groups who are working together towards a specific goal. Their main goal is to bring the world together in a one world leader who is called “Maitreya” or “The Christ”. A proven fact is that there are millions of New Age Movement followers across the globe.

Effect of The Movement In The World

The Movement has had a significant influence which has affected every area of the culture, including but not limited to: the government, medicine, sociology, ecology, psychology, arts, science, the business community, education, the media, the church, entertainment, and sports. The movement expresses itself in various mutated forms, and in widely divergent from the obvious to the subtle. It is a movement which expresses itself in form of organized religious involvement such as Christian Science, unity and some form of witchcraft. When it comes to the secular field, it shows its presence too in various forms; various human potential seminars, holistic health practices, and curriculum in private and public schools.

The Goal of The New Age

Its main goal is to make the world a peaceful place to live in upon entering the Age of Aquarius. They believe that it will be achieved by the leadership of one world leader “The Christ” who is also known as the Lord of Maitreya.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012