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The art of revealing the future through magick and especially through communication with the deceased.

The practice of summoning the souls of the dead.

Necromancy is a practice which has been perpetuated throughout the ages by varying kinds of individuals who believe that by raising the dead they can have those lost souls do their bidding, tell them the future or simply wander aimlessly.

The word itself, necromancy is derived from Ancient Greek ‘dead body,’ and ‘prophecy’. The actual theory around Necromancy evolved in a sense from Shamanism in which a wise person or witch doctor of the village would call upon the spirits of the ancestors of the village to provide knowledge and wisdom to the people.

In Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus makes his way to the underworld in order to raise the dead and gain insight about his future voyages. In modern day, Necromancy describes the manipulation of death or the dead using magic and occult ceremony.

Séances and channeling are similar to Necromancy because they invoke spirits in order to reveal secrets of the future. Known as a touch stone of occultism, many would be Necromancers do not become adept until they themselves have raised a soul from the other world.

It is all about talking to the dead using magic. Most Witches have used it as a form of divination and it has close tires with black magic and voodoo. The dead person is brought back as an apparition or ghost. Though it seems somehow related to shamanism, it is normally held in high esteem as compared to shamanism. This is due to the fact that, while shamanism is a magic practice where the spirits of the ancestors are called, necromancy is all about voodoo and those who practice black market. The practitioner of necromancy is normally referred to as necromancers. While some people think there is nothing wrong with communicating with the dead, others think otherwise. It is up to a practitioner of magic to decide whether they want to include the practice in their path or not.

Most people use necromancy for the purposes of

  • Witchcraft
  • Divination
  • To use the deceased as a weapon
  • To impart the means to foretell future events
  • To discover hidden knowledge

Branches of Divination

Necromancy can be split into two branches; divination from the corpse, and divination by ghosts. When using corpses, it leads to the corpses being disinterred. The practitioners and there are always rifts of graves and they take it necessary for the effective performance of the magical arts.

How Safe is Necromancy

In simpler terms, necromancy means corpse divination. There are people who argue that it is okay for it to be practiced in magic and witchcraft while others deem it a taboo.

It is a universal practice which is of great antiquity only profoundly initiated, single-minded, profound initiated, the brave magician has any chance of success with this type of divination as it is always considered to be extremely dangerous. This is because, before it is done, one needs to make a pact with the devil and also the corpse might have the desire to live again and it could obtain this by absorbing the life energy from living creatures thereby prolonging their life indefinitely. So unless the practitioner of necromancy has taken great precaution, life could be sucked from them

In order to evoke the dead, the practitioner needs to obtain help from those spirits which are powerful both for the protection of self and to compel the ghost or corpse to submit to their will. The spell involving the dead requires not only a burned sacrifice but an alter which is drenched in blood.

For powerful influence, the practitioner is supposed to burn odors and scents which are powerful in smell. There should be elaborately prepared before the magic is performed which should include studying on how planets are positioned, and especially the moon for Saturn.

Where the divination is supposed to take place has to be selected with extra care with the most preferred being a ruin, a vault, lonely crossroads, forested which are not used frequently or blasted heath. This divination is a type of black magic and should be handled with care.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012