Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

Namaste is a term commonly used by members of eastern/nature based religions/traditions such as Paganism.

Hinduism and Buddhism to recognize the inner unifying spirit which resides within all of us.

This is a common belief system which focuses mainly on a reality that is more inward then external.

Paths which focus on progression and enlightenment tend to use the term ‘Namaste,’ because it is highly respectful and because it neutralizes all excess energy when you treat the person that is in front of you as part of you.

The meaning is generally known to be translated as: “The Divine in me sees the Divine in you.” You can’t exist without them and they can’t exist without you. In a sense, the person to whom one refers to using this term would be someone who is on equal footing with you.

They are neither above nor below on the social or spiritual ladder.

This term is uniquely empowering as well as humbling because when using it, one becomes able to put themselves into the perspective of pure light or pure wisdom and love with everything and everyone around them. Those who follow this particular belief system tend to be on a path of higher learning and spiritual advancement.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012