Mojo Bags

Mojo Bags

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

A mojo bag is a magical bag that is carried on the person.

It normally includes a pertician and magical items (such as herbs) within so the practicinor gains success of a spell they have earlier carried out.

A mojo bag is used to give a boost to the person carrying it; be it in the purse for ladies or back pocket for the men, they are a must have for magical purposes - especially hoodoo. Some people carry them for protection and prosperity with a specific color for whatever one is yearning for.

Different ingredients are used for different needs. The number of ingredients within the bag depends on a number of choices and each ingredient has significant meaning. The bag can be a mix of resins, crystal, powders, herbs, and other creative objects which one feels will definitely manifest the type of energy they require throughout the day.

How Is The Mojo Bag Charged?

Before the ingredients are stored in the bag, or the pocket, or as a necklace, in the wallet, it will need to be charged. Once it is charged, one will require blowing life into it by literally blowing their breath into the bag while visualizing their intentions.

For a whole week, the bag needs to be kept to oneself; while sleeping, it should be kept under the pillow, during the day, it should be kept in the pocket and for ladies, it should be worn as a necklace or in their bras. There are those who prefer to place their mojo on the altar for two to three days before they carry them on their person. Candle magicking with the Mojo will definitely add more power.

It is advisable that, there is need to charge the mojo bag for 24 hours both in the sun and the moon.

What Is Inside a Mojo Bag?

A Mojo bag normally includes several things and it all depends on the spell.

It might include some of the following items:

  • A petition with an intent and the name.
  • Yellow dock root.
  • Rue.
  • Pyrite.
  • Dollar bills, or coins.
  • Lodestone charged for prosperity.
  • Ginger.
  • Saigon cinnamon stick.
  • Money powder blend.
  • Money oil.
  • Five finger grass roots.

The above are just examples of items that are used when designing a mojo bag

Mojo Kits

Mojo bags are part of the wider mojo kits which include; ouanga, bundles bags, gris-gris, conjure bags as they are all names for a bundle of magical ingredients that are put into a small sack.

Different minerals, herbs or specimen in the cloth and using different thread and cloth. Mojo bags have been around for several years and have been used by different cultures.

Due to the fact that they are carried around on a daily basis, they are more effective and work on a long term basis.

If one has an ongoing need, it is advisable to use mojo bags. Problems like depression will require one to carry their happiness mojo bag all the time; if one is feeling lonely, they are advised to carry their love drawing mojo bag all the time until they are able to attract their ideal lover.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 4, 2017