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Mojo refers to a talisman, magic charm or spell. While the mojo bags can be carried around and contain anything that is available on the magic shop concentrates when it comes to herbal components, it is advisable that one has to choose carefully and make sure they get the highest quality.

If they are visually appealing the mojo bags work better. They are ritually harvested herbs picked from gardens and from the wild are often included in a mojo bag. In order to come up with own mojo, one is advised to handle, the smell, then crumble each of the herbs into the center of the square cloth while focusing their intention, or saying their prayers or chants as one deems fit.

One has an option of using all the herbs or a small amount from each collection to enable one to make a smaller mojo. The herbs are then squeezed in the cloth and tied tightly in a small bundle, knotting the colored cord, according to the number that is appropriate to each individual. Numbers of times can be days of the week, or phases of the moon, which are then given to the package. The cord can be trimmed to the size that an individual wants and is comfortable with.

There are those mojo bags which have to be opened and the contents changed every so often, while others come in tight bundles which are designed to remain closed until the mission is accomplished. When the mission is accomplished, it is a tradition that one has to open the bag and dispose of the content. Is either after the goal is accomplished or four-month pass or when the herbs lose their scent; whichever comes first; to refresh the properties of the mojo or if one wants to anoint the mojo, corresponding oil is used.

Here are some of the mojo kits which are readily available for use

Good Luck Magick Mojo Kit

It is used to bring back good luck and a 100% cotton orange flannel is used for the material and green spring cord.

It is recommended to knot it seven times either joyfully or silently or while chanting or reciting a poem which one has composed.

It is best prepared on a Thursday during the New Moon, but if there is a need and the New Moon is not in sight, one doesn’t have to hesitate.

Divine Guidance Magick Mojo Kit

It used to raise the spiritual vibration and contains seven botanical samples and aligns with Angelic and Deity energies; gold cord and 100 percent cotton white flannel.

Divine guidance mojo includes ritually wild crafted Sophora bean, a seed from the lotus pod, sage ritually harvested from the garden and other high-quality botanicals.

Defense against the Dark Arts Mojo Kit

It contains five botanical samples which are botanically used to repel the evil eye, powerful protection, and guide the wearer against fascinations and evil spells.

It is made of a silver cord and a 100% cotton black flannel.

Healing Magick Mojo Kit

It contains six botanical samples and traditionally used for emotional, physical and mental healing.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 4, 2017