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The practice of inverting the mind to pay attention to the inner silence instead of the outer chaos.

Other forms of meditation focus on the outer chaos instead. This practice is accepted in almost all religions, but is encouraged most in Buddhism.

In paganism meditation is used for much of the same reasons as other religions use it for but it also has a place within rituals to cleanse the mind before doing magic as well as to focus energy into a certain object or task.

Guided meditations are also used for those seeking to improve their astral (see – ASTRAL) presence.

Meditation and Its Benefits

Meditation is known to be a way of transforming the mind. It is a practice which has spread all over the world and now it is practiced everywhere and not just confined to cloistered halls of the monastery. Through meditation, people are able to make their busy lives refreshed and tranquil. With the busy lifestyles which are witnessed all over, meditation for a few minutes each day can re-energize the practitioner to find the energy to carry on with the day to day activities.

Why Meditate

Meditation is said to be a light to all people, as it can bond each person to one another and to the world is both humanistic and social with each practitioner bonded through the program of the teachings of each other. The complexity of the modern world is the one which is making things to be disorderly and complex and makes it necessary for people to look for power through meditation, which can calm their bodies and minds. The pace of life has been quickened by the global wave of modernization and thus increasing the production, which has inspired people’s desire for pleasure. Technology has made people not to have time to relax as they are ever busy engaging in activities to make a living and no time for self. The word loss and nothingness are now common in the modern era. This is why meditation is thought to be the best medicine, which can mend the abuse that is being done to the body and soul.

The Meditation Attitude

When one decides to do meditation, it should not only be for self. They are encouraged not to be selfish and only wish to liberate only themselves. So there are several requirements before embarking on meditation:

  • One is supposed to contemplate by reflecting upon themselves and looking into their behaviors
  • One is supposed to improve and constantly progress
  • One is supposed to cultivate without looking outside themselves
  • One is supposed to not to concentrate on past failures and successes of life

What To Do

When one goes to the hall to begin practicing, they are supposed to put aside all their day to day matters of their mind The regulations and the rules of the hall where the meditation is to take place, have to be strictly adhered to; and no one is allowed to bend down rules to suit self-interests.

The mind which is empathetic should be nurtured because a person who is empathetic is normally gentle by nature and it is very easy for them to enter into deep meditation. The practitioner is advised to refrain from any wrongdoing and concentrate on what is right. Repenting of any misdeeds, however, small or big they are is a must. And one has to have faith and believe that, they will make it and that their teacher is the best in the world.

Practicing meditation is good for both the body and soul.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012