Magickal Voice

Magickal Voice

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

The commanding, assertive voice used to read power words during rituals which allows no doubt or insecurity in.

This applies whether the voice is speaking tone, a loud whisper, or in song.

Speech has been used throughout cultures and is normally considered as the main form of communication. In various cultures, the carrier of power and that which has made mysterious traditions and religions has always been the voice. Through it, one is able to make chants, songs, and style worship. Through different viewpoint, the power of voice is just amazing.

Politicians of this time, have resorted to using a speech pattern which is referred to as pathetic whereby it combines the pacing of words and tone to come up with a fundamental message which, no matter what they are up to, they will always be in control. It is easy to awaken a mind and be sidestepped so that it means it is placed into the& Deep Mind, which then directs up the appropriate emotions which the speaker wishes to stir.

Voices can be used to project and convey emotive messages very meritoriously and the tone, in most cases grasses people’s feelings on a subject, notwithstanding what they are actually saying or meant to say. Children normally get confused when a verbal threat is delivered in a tone which is light. Healers and therapists normally pick up some information from a client by the way the person is speaking. An accent of a person can bring out their origins, even if they have been away from the place for years.

Hog Calls

One group member makes up a sound, statement or call, and shouts it out and the rest of the group members shout it out. It is normally effective as a kind of freedom invocation, for example, when one is familiar with features and attributes of a goddess or a god. Magical voice can be used as a light-hearted introduction to designing invocation. The god or goddess who is normally the center of a ritual can be given this form which is normally used in Tantrik ritual

Sound Scapes

This is whereby, a group uses words to explore sounds and tone shapes to build up a picture, thus creating the ether which is suitable for a chosen subject. Boring tasks can be completed without much boredom when there is background music due to the fact that, chants and songs normally found tempos which apart from distracting from boredom, gives someone energy to carry on as the enthusiasm and group spirit is raised. The rhythms carry the consciousness with it from cycles breathing, heartbeats, and passage of seasons, it promotes associated body adjustment and movements and indications to start moving without the conscious effort, so that less energy is used. Rhythms also have a motor attitude and there is the freedom of one’s attention and the physiological effect is very high on the participant.

Primal Poetry

Refers to a sacred speech where one uses speech alongside other modes of exhibiting to bring about the change which is magical such as in a group persuading trance, being a horse, communing with spirits, raising energies. During such times, the way the speech is delivered is different from the usual habits of talking as it may be enhanced.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 3, 2017