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The Cosmos as a whole, in relation to the Microcosm, its detailed manifestation (human in particular).

What does microcosm mean?

Microcosm means the lesser world, the physical. Said to parallel the macrocosm, or greater world. The world within us. Macrocosm embodies the world while microcosm which represents man, as portrayed in the ancient record, is an embodiment of the universe which is said to have initiated by the Greeks of the old and demonstrated to be an everlasting and strong unity symbol of the formation. Different levels in the ranked structure were held to respond to each other in a variety of ways, including the equivalence which can be seen in the support of the beliefs in the systems of magic. According to ancient magic the world in its totality. The organization and the structure of life process and the link to the organization, natural and structural processes of the world.

Each of man’s parts of the body resembles different signs of the zodiac. The head is where the soul seats and has the ability of thinking and is also linked to the heavens; the heart linked to the sun; the lower abdomen, which includes the site of the genital and anus linked to the earth, where there are generation and corruption; the four senses of humor – the bile, phlegm, blood and black bile linked to the elements of air, fire, earth and water – they were the only creature which, apart from the universe in totality, composed of an irrelevant soul and body. If the analog was trailed in the conflicting direction, then the galactic laws were normally seen as a forecast of the laws which ruled human nature.

If society, with all its difficulty, was run effortlessly and to its best gain of its many adherents, it was presumed that it, too, must echo the same group as the world organization or as a human being who is complex as an individual. It has given rise to a belief, still prevalent in modern bombast, that the genuine political system is a regular system ultimately established by God and that any attempt by men to enforce other systems of the political group is doomed to failure because they are unusual.

Man Considered as The Measure of All Things

The roots of the equivalent between man as a world and the world as a whole remain unclear. By the time the similarity is clearly specified in the Greek of the olden days, it already seems to be taken for the sake of. For the same purpose, it has not irrationally been suggested that the notion first appeared in widespread comprehension and was afterward accepted by the first theorists.

One of the major effects on the spread of macrocosm and microcosm equivalent to the Christian middle ages drew from the proposal that, God bears the same relationship to the physical objects of the world as the soul does to the body of the humans. Everything in the world can be understood well if it is scrutinized to the core and the deeper meaning found.

There is a law which applies to both cosmic phenomena and to the human body and this was discovered by Leonardo da Vinci. He reached this conclusion long before the laws of physics came into existence. He also realized the visual similarities between different phenomena such as a braid of hair and turbulent flows of water. When Microcosm and macrocosm are paired, they bring out the following meaning that: there is a correlation between the universe and human beings in terms of nature and their structure. The concept is that man is a small universe in himself and a representation of the bigger universe as an anthropomorphic. From ancient times, various traditions include Upanishads and Buddhism, this concept has been proven right.

After the seventeenth century, this concept declined due to the development of modern science. It was then preserved in the realms of literature. In a general sense, the microcosm and macrocosm are a harmonious or an orderly system which originated from a Greek word which meant an orderly arrangement, order, ornaments and it is the antithetical concept of chaos.The cosmos is a synonym of the word universe with the word cosmetic originating from the same.

Pythagoras was the first philosopher to use the cosmos when referring to the universe. It was used to bring the concept of the divine in order or a creation done by a divinely ordered, bringing another meaning to the word, that not only does it refer to the numerical ratio or number in the universal principle, but the totality of the universe and the way it was ordered by principle of balance and harmony. The understanding of Pythagoras conceived the unity and it was closely tied to the movement which of the stars which were orderly. The way he related between the cosmos and man gave him have a framework through which he studied mathematics. This included religious rituals and astronomy and other artistic activities which tied together.

Questions relating to the divine in the religious sect were given mathematical solutions by Pythagoras. Mathematical solutions were invented to clean the soul and clear it of any impurities. The concept of microcosm and macrocosm was fused into what is best referred to as metaphysics. The human being and the cosmos are known to have a continuous existence. The spirituality and the materiality or the body and the soul conceived as one fused existence; all beings were then fused of materiality and spirituality. In metaphysics, every being is both material and spiritual with each manifesting these natures in varying degrees.

With the idea that God created the universe, the idea of man as a microcosm developed further in Scholasticism where it was explained that man existed between the angelic and animal realm levels; in other words, between physical and spiritual realm. A human being was conceived as a microcosm which incorporates the whole cosmos by taking care of both materiality and spirituality. We hope you liked this article. Please support us by liking us on Facebook by clicking button below. Thank you in advance.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012