Spiritual Meaning Of Levitation

I remember I visited a conference in London and I felt lifted up around 10cm off the floor. This was a strange and weird experience for me. I left thinking has that REALLY happened? Have I raised up or is it just my mind? When I think of levitation it reminds me of the magician David Blaine and his street magic, and this def was not a magic trick.

I have never been able to reproduce what happened to me, and asking others if they witnessed me moving up in the air resulted in them not. It did feel real though. I still to this day (as it happened 10 years ago now) believe that it happened. I still can’t explain how it happened but spiritually when we reach a certain state we are naturally able to move upward outside our own body up to the astral plane.

What does levitation mean spiritually?

This is a phenomenon whereby items and animals are elevated high up in the air without any bodily contact and they hover in the air or fly about. It is something that used to happen during the shamanism mediumship stupors, demonic possessions, and magical raptures. In some instances, when levitation occurs, it appears naturally while magical or spiritual adepts are said to be able to control it consciously. As I detailed in the beginning after my experience I wanted to learn more about levitation.

Levitation presents itself with different traits, but the main ones that are universal include the duration in which it takes a Levitation to occur and how long it lasts. It normally needs a lot of focus from the one who is to be in the stupor. Throughout history, there have been several cases of levitation which are normally thought to be associated with demonic possession. In most cases, tables, beds, chairs, and other objects did fly up into the air apparently by themselves. In most instances, they aimed themselves on the assistants of the exorcist or on himself. Incidences of haunting and poltergeists also involved the levitation of objects.

If you see someone doing this flying illusion (or maybe you have experienced this in the astral plane) then the word “Levitation” itself might invoke images of mystical scenes, ancient legends or sci-fi movies, and a whole lot of other strange things. People often use the term “to leviate someone” which means to rise up from someone.

And you know what - it’s the feet lifting off the ground that defies gravity itself. Levitation is more than a fantasy though, there are so many stories and legends that basically outline that levitation is essentially heightened spiritual awareness or even remarkable inner energy from within. In my case, I was not aware of others having levitated but was just aware of me and how it effected me.

I'm not sure if this is a cool ability, but the fact that this cool ability has been connected with religious figures and religious teachers is incredible. The folklore stories I have read -- continue capturing the imagination and help make us wonder what “we” as humans can accomplish. In many of my old spirit books levitation is spiritually about being more awakened. It is connected to a spiritual awakening. 

What does it mean to see a random person leviate?

If you randomly see levitation on a social media video or in real life it might reflect Inner peace and harmony. It means absolute calm and equilibrium, without worldly worries and with a lightness of spirit. I remember as a little girl watching David Copperfield, in 1992 when I was a teenager and he actually did this crazy backflip in the air. I remember thinking that levitation is one of the advanced magical abilities. In a few traditions. It's associated with persons who have developed their meditation or religious practices and who display their internal power and command of matter and mind - a bit like a senior spiritual monk. In Greek times, this was a practice whereby the believed that levitation is a Miracle or a divine Intervention. It's seen as 'a demonstration in the material world of some greater power' - either with spirits or in those times Greek gods.
I do want to say though, that levitation isn't specific to any religion or culture. It possesses spiritual significance in traditions around the world.

What does levitation mean in different cultures?

If we turn to the bible many saints have described levitation during intensive praying and divine communion In the bible. These sorts of things are not widely documented, such experiences are considered expressions of profound faith and spiritual communion. 

What does it mean to levitation in Hindi?

I read quite a few books and this type of levitation in Hindi is about spiritual lightness and moving towards a greater sense of spiritual focus.  Sometimes levitation is attained through yoga and centered breath exercises that will awaken stodgy energies in the body. This is connected to a remarkable spiritual journey and is considered the signal of spiritual enlightenment. Much like Buddhism which also includes references to levitation within its texts, the Hindi meaning is about the supernatural forces of rising higher. In particular, I read that in Tibetan Buddhism, there is advanced meditation techniques that allow monks to' float or even ascend' consciousness, which is amazing.

Final thoughts

Our culture does not instruct us to welcome both joy and darkness into each of our hearts at exactly the same moment or to observe just how these merge to generate a far more healthy, much more fitful, much less anxious version of our life stories. But joy contains darkness too. Likewise, the most hideous turn in life events indicates a brand new flavor of joy. Experiencing levitation can be a strange experience but also if you do experience this in any capacity it can mean the shift of something for YOU in life.

By Florance Saul
Feb 3, 2017