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A metallic disk worn on a chain or cord that has symbols enscribed or written on it and worn for a specific purpose within a ritual or rite.

Lamen Magic

Magical pendants which are worn around the neck so that they hang upon the breast over the heart are normally referred to as Lamen. It is used for various purposes, but the main ones being a grade of magician anon and commandment of authority. A Lamen is a symbol of the relation between the magician and the godhead and they have to wear Lamen of the sigil of spirits which they wish to command. It expresses the powers of the wearer and portrays them as very powerful in the magical world.Talisman is one type of the Lamen and it functions as a place where energies are stored to be used later on to perform some magic.

There are several magical orders which use a Lamen to perform their orders which include Hermetic golden dawn order and Ordo Templi Orientis. It was used to mark members just the same way the secret handshake was used throughout the ages. Magicians also use Lamen to invoke spirits of the Keys of Solomon

The Golden Dawn Order

It was an organization of people who were committed to making sure that they learned the ways of the occult, any mystic things that they could lay their hands on. These were a magical order and it was spread in Scotland and Great Britain. They were out to nourish the members with how magic was practiced and they made sure that they developed spiritually. Many rites which are being performed in The Thelema and Wicca are among the many religions which were inspired by the order of the golden dawn.

The Golden Dawn was a hierarchy and initiation system which was likened to the lodges of the masonic and both sexes were allowed to enroll in equal numbers. It was the first degree of the three orders, even though all the three were normally one and the same thing with differences coming in on what they were taught.The first degree focused on teaching about esoteric viewpoint; the second degree was about magic which included, scrying, alchemy, and astral travel; the third degree of the golden dawn was all about chiefs who were very secretive, yet highly skilled; they are the ones who directed the activities of the other two golden dawn orders.


It is a spiritual philosophy which has a number of deities on board who focus primarily on a divination of deities who are a modification from a religion of the ancient Egyptian that was based on the laws of “the Book of Law”. In the 20th century is when this Aeon of Horus religion was started and with it, came the morals that are currently seen in most neo-pagan followings.Thelemites are meant to seek and follow their own true path in life which is normally seen as the true will rather than their egoic desires. This philosophy puts emphasis on the ritual practice of the magick.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 3, 2017