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Japanese word for the universal life force.

The Universal Life Force – Ki

The theory of Ki is that of an invisible, a mysterious, intangible, core material,  a solid rock which rouses and infuses the entire universe. It relates to a belief system which has arisen over a period of time, possibly thousands of years, within a viewpoint that sees nature, man and the world through different eyes and subtle mind.

For the ancient theorist, the manifestation of ki can be a nightingale singing all the secrets of the universe; for the ancient warrior, ki can be the ancient scream erupting from the deepest depth of human form; for the ancient doctor, ki can be the spark which releases from a person’s eye. For the ancient mind, the entire world is vibrating, the astounding spectacle of the diverse appearance of ki, dancing with people and around people; it is the essence of everything around people.

Although in most cases the ki is associated with animation, the ancient theorist saw no ultimate distinction between vegetable and animal, liquid or solid; they saw just ki exists in different states due to contrasting densities of Yang Ki and Yin Ki. Just like the Ki of a man having its role to fulfill, so even the rock, the plants or an ocean has its special ki and role to fulfill.

According to the ancient people, the ki could change its state of existence just the way the water can change its states from liquid to vapor to solid. The state of birth and death are said to be ki in different states. Ki is a universal ki who is the ultimate reality who underlies all things, but manifests itself in different ways and many different levels.

It is hard to state when the idea of ki started being a reality by whom and where. For the ancient Chinese people, there was no creator of the universe. There were unanswerable questions such as the creation, origin, or a final cause. Although living was still considered a mystery, it wasn’t viewed as absurd, and what this means is, like the Sartrian existence, philosophical notion that existence is designed neither predictable nor designed but meaningless and irrational. The visible manifestation of life gave ideas to the great invisible mystery, that there is a certain way things existed in an orderly way which was beyond human comprehension.

Tao was introduced in order for humans to come to terms with the questions concerning the world’s phenomena and cosmology. It is an important key concept in Chinese theories for not only does it represent celestial order on one level, it can also be seen as a way of doing things in relation to the world’s phenomenal world and thus giving a meaning to existence on another level. This brought out the belief that, man is part of nature and has to do everything possible to live in harmony with nature and the universe at large; thus they should recreate or rather, maintain a unified whole.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 3, 2017