The Jinn

The Jinn

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

All throughout history, man has always had an attraction to the supernatural powers.

The existence of a world which is parallel to the earth is what has fascinated people; the other world is what is referred to as the spirit world with each set of tradition having their own concept about it. Some traditions believe that the spirits are the souls of departed people or ghosts. Others believe that spirits are forces which can either be good or bad with both battling against each other in order to gain influence over humanity. The explanations above are based on folk tales and fantasy.

The Existence of The Jinn

It is believed that Jinni are beings which are created with free will and live on earth in a world which is parallel to that of men. A Jinn is from the Arab word Janna, which means to conceal or hide. Though they are physically invisible from man, they do exist. Due to them being invisible, it has led to some people doubting their presence. But the effect they have on the world that human life is evidence enough that they do exist. It is believed that the jinn were created way before human beings were created. For Muslims, jinn are real , created by God as free will, made of smokeless fire. It is believed that Mohammed was sent as a prophet to men and the jinn.

What are jinn like?

They are believed to be spirits in the cultures of Africa and the Middle East. It is believed to take the shape of an animal or a person and can be found in every non-living thing even fire and air. Jinni is said to have magical powers and are favorite figures in the Islamic literature. They are believed to at times try to take the spirits of living of the Mende people in Sierra Leone, in Africa. The Mende people normally fight it back by use of magic

In the ancient Roman culture, the word genii were used to refer to a spirit which watched over everyone and was responsible for causing all actions of a man and shaping the man’s character. They are believed to be present at birth, thus started to be regarded as a great inborn ability. The Romans also believed that there was an evil spirit, Juno, which fought the good spirit genii in order to control man’s fate. In the later mythology by the Romans, it was believed that the genii were responsible for guarding the community or household.

In the books about sorcery, jinni are classified into four categories based on the four elements; fire, earth, water, and air. In the four races, they come in seven tribes, each having a king with each king controlling his tribe and the king being controlled by an angel. The name of the angel is normally torture to the jinn king and his specific tribe just as the name of Jesus is to demons during an exorcism. Though jinn is thought to be of free will, they can be commanded to do good or bad which differentiates it from the demons, which can only do bad acts.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 1, 2017