Inward Silence

Inward Silence

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

The inner voice of a person which when grounding you seek to find.

This is done through passing through the daily noise of the mind and quieting surroundings until all is drowned out except the self or higher self depending on the purpose.

When you focus on a candle or do specific meditations to calm your mind, you are focusing on your inward silence.

Inward Silence During Grounding

It is believed that, in silence, there lies the preparedness of one to converse with God and receive inspiration and guidance. The silence as in the act of being quiet doesn’t have any magic in it because it may just carry with it an emptiness, where there is an absence of music, words, or noise and one could easily fall asleep. Inward silence is the silencing of the emotions and thoughts that distract from the effectiveness of a ritual. Silence is one of the witches pyramids with others being to know, to will, to dare and to go.

To keep silent corresponds with the earth element, believing that, there is power in silence. Witches are always advised not to say exactly what they know when it comes to witchcraft and it is believed that there are things which are better kept silent than being said or shared. Because you have the knowledge of something, it doesn’t necessitate you to say it. Keeping silent has to do with the silence within being grounded and centered before beginning any magical work as it is essential to maintain a clear intent. When the gods are being invoked, a clear and still channel is necessary for powerful and effective connections. When receiving and invoking messages, there is a need for silence in order to hear the channeled wisdom

To know is a witchcraft pillar which corresponds to Air and corresponds to the knowledge and understanding of the witches about the craft on all the levels from rituals, casting spells, astral travel, herbs, candle magic, spiritual connection, crystals, deity, ceremony, invocation,spellwork, divination, psychic awareness, and how to use the tools. The more the witch becomes knowledgeable, and understanding, and continues to learn, the more effective and powerful the magic and healing will be. The energies which are invoked are the ones which are supposed to be managed and used to work. When one is practicing as a witch, they are supposed to understand themselves, continue to learn, and know the craft and apply the knowledge wisely. It is believed that witches have innate knowing and they understand beyond the five senses and that is what draws them to the craft. That is what leads them to enlightenment and creates human boundaries.

To dare is another magic pillar which corresponds to water. It implies that the practitioner has to do their craft without fear; invoking with understanding, daring to push forward, daring to experiment with new things. They are supposed to dare to go past the limitations of the physical and giving into the universal energies while traveling in the astral realms. Letting the energies to flow by being part of the planetary order.Surpassing perceived barriers and inner fears, meeting with spirits and deities, being open to ancient wisdom and invoking obediently. Facing whatever need is there and overcoming. Personal emotions play a major part when a Witch wields to magic, and it is normally an integral part and they are always ready to face challenges.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012