Invocation/ Invoking

Invocation/ Invoking

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The bringing of a divine power from the exterior into a ritual or magickal working through chant or prayer.

An invocation is generally an acknowledgement of the deity and a request that they be present for the working. This is often seen as the opposite of evocation but truly it is just a different way to handly the energies.

Summoning a non-material entity of a higher nature than human (cf. Evoking).

Calling forth a deity or energy into the body for the sake of attaining higher energies within a circle or magical rite.

Invocation of a Spell

Invocation is a process which enables one to invite the deities, or an element, or any other powers which are high to come into their circle and attend to their needs by helping them in a ritual or a spell during a magical performance. One is at liberty to either they meditate or recite the words. If meditating, it is advisable that one concentrates on calling out to the deity for help. They are supposed to make sure that they thank the deity or even go an extra mile and bring an offering into their circles for whoever they are invoking.

An invocation can take the form of a spell, prayer, supplication, possession, conjuration, command or self-identification. For a spell invocation, it is a combination of words which are either unspoken or spoken but which are considered by magical effects being used. History has it that, around the world, there existed a variety of incantations in many cultures. One can use spells to summon or call upon a god, spirit, demon, or another other power which are not natural.

According to surviving records from ancient times, there are some magical spells which were available and were demonized by some monolithic religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Spells are different from magic words, symbols, patterns, practices, recipes and another magical format which were indirectly practiced by a combination of words. Other spells were a repetition or a combination of spells which were said to have powerful magic, but not in verse or sentence. In ancient Egypt, the surviving records of the culture of the Egyptian people showed several references to magic with several exhibits still in existence. When the dead were being embalmed, there were several documented spells in the book of the dead which were uttered.

Uses of Spell Invocation in The Modern World

Magic performance involves the use of words in a particular language. Whether unspoken or spoken, the words are regularly used to guide or access super powers. The link between magic and language is because there is a belief that there is an integral ability of words to take charge of the universe. This belief is usually an addition of the basics of man’s normal language use in order to describe what is surrounding them on a day to day experiences. An act of ritual is what a magical speech is all about and a higher importance is given to it than the non-verbal acts.

Not every word spoken is deemed to be an invocation of magic; there are only particular phrases and symbols which, when pronounced in a specific framework qualifies to be called magical invocation. The language of magic is unique from the scientific language the way it's known; it is normally sensitive and it usually transforms words into emotions and symbols unlike in the scientific world where words are heaped onto specified meanings. In the magical invocation language, there is adept at constructing metaphors which establish symbols which are then linked to magical rituals to the world.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012