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The part of a spell or rite which is spoken.

The repetition of words or phrases for a magical purpose. Similar to chanting.

All You Need To Know About Incantation

Incantation, at times known as enchantment, is a spell or a charm which is normally created using words. It can take place during a ritual as a prayer or a hymn which will then praise or invoke the deity. In Shamanism, magic, occultism, or witchcraft, it is used in order to cast a spell on a person or an object. It is a term which is derived from the Latin word “incantare”, which means to enchant upon or into and “cantare” meaning, to sing. For medieval literature, fairy tales, folklore, and modern fantasy, enchantments are spells or charms. It is a terminology which was incorporated into English since AD 1300.

Incantation in Fiction and Folklore

In fiction or fairy tales, an incantation is a magical spell which is normally attached on a permanent basis, to a specific person, location or object and it immediately alters the qualities of whatever it is attached to in a positive way. An incantation with a negative impact is normally referred to as a curse. Enchantments or incantations are normally used to describe spells which cause any real effect but only deceive people by either using some kind of illusion or affecting their thoughts directly. The practitioner of incantation can use magic to seduce someone. It can also be used to deceive people that they have suffered a magical transformation yet it’s a lie.

Self Healing Incantation

The art of magic healing is complex and very old. If one wants it to be effective, they must be receptive on the side of the one seeking to be healed and on the part of the healer, the type of energy used is very important. Other things which are necessary for the magic to work include the rate and severity of the progression of the disease. Other Witchcraft has the capacity to repair and soothe the body and mind, one is not supposed to stop taking the prescribed medication for magic as this can combine to give quick responses.

Incantation for self Healing

Using incantation for self-healing can allow a Wiccan to tap into the powerful energy of the various elements in order to regenerate their health.

The Effects of Incantation/Enchantment

When one is enchanted, it means they are under the influence of an incantation which is caused by spells and charms. The word which similar to “incantare” the Latin word for “to utter an incantation” or to cast a magic spell. It is the one which forms the basis that the enchanter and the enchantress utter incantations or magic spells which are similar to Mantra in Sanskrit.

3 Fold House Cleansing Blessings and Ritual

This a kind of incantation which is performed before moving into a new house. It is done to remove all the negative energies which might be hovering around the house. They claim that doing purification for the home regularly makes the house feel different and there s always smoothness of life as well.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 3, 2017