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Divination by liquid, especially water.

Hydromancy As A Method of Divination

It is a practice which dates back to the ancient Egyptians and Arabs, thus making it one of the oldest forms of divination. Hydromancy using a crystal ball is one of the best-known forms used to fortune tell and it is one of the first images stereotypically used regarding the divination practices. The crystal ball is not the only tool which can be used for hydromancy; mirrors, shiny stones, and any other reflective materials whether surfaces or objects can be utilized. The tool used for hydromancy is normally referred to as a Spectrum.

Methods of hydromancy are varied with one described showing a hanging ring by a string which is then dipped into a vessel of water then shaken. Judgment or prediction is determined by the number of times the rings strikes the vessel’s side.  Another method of how hydromancy divination is through observing the water after throwing in three pebbles; a determination is made by the number of circles after the object strikes the water.

Method three on how divination by hydromancy is carried out is the one which depends upon the agitation of water, and it was a method which was mostly used by oriental Christians of annually baptizing the element while care is taken so that the different origin of the Adriatic.

Divination by hydromancy can also be done by coloring the water and when figures appear on it, that is what is the divination of whatever is being checked out. It is a branch of divination which has been proven to be important and it is normally treated uniquely and said to be the foundation of waters where people used to visit frequently. There was a fountain where people used to go and throw bread inside; if they sank inside, it meant they were accepted and that translated into a good fortune; in case they were washed down the mountain, it meant that they were not accepted and that translated into bad luck.

The ancient Germanic tribe used to throw newborns into the Rhine to prove the legitimacy of the child; if it was legitimate it swam, otherwise, it drowned. This is a custom which brought about the swimming witch in the 17th century and it relates to the trial by water laws by the  Anglo-Saxon.

Another method was related to someone murmuring words which were mysterious; they were said over a glass of water while observations were being made to see the reaction. In yet another style, an oil drop into a water vessel was done and it created a mirror which was then used to see visible wondrous things. Hydromancy was also cited by Clement Alexandrinus where women of Germany watched the courses and whirls of rivers for prognostic interpretations.

Hydromancy is a forbidden art together with aeromancy, geomancy, necromancy, chiromancy pyromancy, and spatulamancy.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 3, 2017