Horned God

Horned God

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The horned aspect of the God that is lord over the wild or nature.

He is a consort of the goddess and is beneficial in nature. Often referred to as a younger or more virile form of the god and can be represented as a stag. A negative version of the god which is incorrect and presumed to be the image of Satan.

The Horned God Demystified

He is known to by several attributes depending on who is referring to him. He is considered the male god of the divinity whom the Wiccans believe in to do several things for them like; protecting the wild in the forest. He is a god who is known to work side by side with the goddess and he helps the goddess to take care of her young ones. When it comes to fertility, the Wiccans believe that, without this particular god, fertility will just be a dream because he is in charge of fertility. When hunting, this is the god who guides the Wiccans to be successful in their hunt. In death, he is the god who looked upon for resurrection as he is considered to be in charge of both resurrection and death. For anyone to be alive, this is the god whom the Wiccans believe that he will give them life.

The Representation of the Deity

The Carvene des Tro Freres in Ariege are the first known representation of the horned god who was created during the Paleolithic period. The paintings on the wall show a man with a stag on his head, wearing an animal skin. This figure is said to be representing a sacred god who is performing a dance in order to make it possible for the tribe to have enough animals to hunt.

In Egypt, Babylon, and Mesopotamia, the horned god was well represented and he was referred to as the Osiris. He was known to be the giver of fertility and was normally represented as a horned bull. Osiris was thought to be incarnate and in a succession of sacred bulls. It was another manifestation that he was the god of death and resurrection; and the god of fertility. Instead of having the solar god mark, he had a mark of lunar.

For the Greeks, Dionysus was a horned god, who was considered mysterious and an enigma of sorts. The followers of this horned god flirted with madness, death, and drunkenness. To the Bacchantes, he was the patron deity. The Bacchantes were wild women who could tear animals to pieces when in trances which they considered divine possessions. As the god of intoxication and wine, drinkers considered him their deity. Slain god is the other name for this particular horned god, as he is believed to die and be reborn again. The Greece people never believed that a deity could die and that is why they came up with the rebirth thing; that he dies and is reborn again and that created the cult of the Dionysus.

Pan was a horned god for the Greece and was known to have a body of a man and a goat’s head. As a bearded goat, he leads the satyrs and nymphs to a dancing procession where they participants played pipes bearing his name. The church hated the way Pan was adored and that made his image to be described the devil and he was named the lord of evil

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By Florance Saul
Feb 3, 2017